Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding Out

Well to tell you the truth - we were a bit surprised. I had gotten off of birth control earlier in the year and had been having some issues with regulating myself without the hormones. To put it concisely - I was a wreck for about six months. Poor Rick. I had a couple of blood tests done with the doctor in early August and September that told me I had low progesterone which is a sign that I had not been ovulating. So I thought there was no way I could be pregnant any time soon. So the early pregnancy symptoms I was experiencing, I just chalked up to stress from school and work. But on September 30th I told Rick that I wanted to take a pregnancy test to just clear that off the list. I "knew" I wasn't pregnant, but just to make sure...

So on our way home from a long work day for me - our annual Birdies for the Brave golf tournament fundraiser, we stopped at the grocery store for a pack of tests. I took that test when I got home and there was a faaaaaint line! Holy smokes! Rick thought it wasn't positive because that line wasn't as dark as the tester line. We really didn't think it was possible! So the next morning I took another and there was that faint line again. Could you be kind of pregnant? haha. I already had a OB/GYN appointment set up for the 12th of October to talk about getting on Clomid but I called that morning and moved it up to Friday the 2nd.

When we showed up at the office, the doctor still thought we were going to talk about Clomid. But I told him the story and about the positive pregnancy tests. Rick busted in at this moment and asked-"but were they really positive"? Thanks honey! So the doctor said...well, let's do another test. They ran the test and he said that it came back immediately positive...holy cow! He admitted to us that he was wondering why those tests could have come back with a false positive. It weren't no false positive! He said congratulations and sent me for some bloodwork. Rick and I were in a daze. We weren't sure what we had really heard.

That was a long weekend waiting to hear about the test results. They finally called on Monday at 4:30pm - talk about agony! My HCG levels were already at 17,000 which meant that I could have been as much as eight weeks along! We were so excited about this news. Since we were potentially so far along, they scheduled us for another appointment that same week. That will be the next post.

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