Monday, October 19, 2009

My 30th Birthday

My 30th Birthday was awesome...a bit different than what I thought it might before I found out I was pregnant but still very awesome. Friday night, Rick and I went to dinner with Fred & Donna to Bonterra which was so delicious! I got to watch them drink some delicious wine - well maybe I snuck a sip or two. I was asleep by 9:00pm at the latest! Crazy 30 year old!

Saturday morning, I ran after my friends for 10 miles. It went pretty well. I am making sure to hydrate fully and keep it at a pace that is comfortable for me. At noon, my friends Tara, Brooke and April surprised me by picking me up and taking me to complete a couple of items on a 30 B4 30 list I had. We went to eat at Price's Chicken Coop and rode on the real trolley. I had yet to do either and it was fun times sharing the experiences with these girls. 5:30pm, Tara & Jimmy, Brooke & Brian and April (Jason was there in spirit) showed up in a limo outside my door and picked up Rick and I along with sis/bro in-law Mary and Andy. We went to Nikko for sushi and had an awesome time. I was trying to be good about what choices I made for the sushi. I don't think I will be eating sushi much at all again over the next 9 months so this was a real treat.
We then got dropped off at the Old Mecklenburg Brewery for their Mecktoberfest! There I was surprised by about 15 more friends. I splurged with one beer and made that sucker last for a loong time. It was chilly outside under the tent but the tasty beer and dancing helped a bit. Inside was nice and toasty and made for good conversations. It was a great time.

So as one of the preggos in the group, the birthday girl was a designated driver. My friends thanked me for driving home..."oh my pleasure" :)
I celebrated in a little different way than I previously thought I would but it was so very fun.

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