Friday, October 16, 2009

Our first ultrasound

Wednesday, October 7th

Our first ultrasound was to help us figure out how far I might be along since my crazy cycles didn't lend itself to accurate information. It is amazing how much detail you can see on those ultrasounds. The woman who worked the machine was a wiz. You could tell she had done this a few times before.

We could see the little embryo growing inside of me and she measured it as 4mm long! That's like a grain of rice! We saw its little heart beating and could even hear it over the speakers they had in the room. Just amazing. With the measurements and development stage, she calculated that I was six weeks along which would give me a due date of June 2, 2010. Check out the picture of our "blob" here...and the heart beat measurements.

It seems so long away! I know everybody will say it will be here before you know it...but I am having a hard time believing that right now. Hearing the heartbeat is a great sign but I am still being realistic that there is still a good chance that this baby could not stick around. I am having a hard time keeping Rick quiet. He is so excited and just wants to tell everyone. We are going to wait until mid-November/Thanksgiving time to tell everyone. Which is when I will make this blog public. But I wanted to make sure that I remember all the "joys" that I am going through these early days.

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