Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 8

Oooh two whole months! I feel like this is an exciting first month since knowing that I was pregnant. According to, the baby is as big as a gummy bear - love their cute illustration:

New with the baby:
"Webbed fingers and toes are poking out from the baby's hands and feet, and he is growing eyelids and lungs. Too cool.

Weight gain:
yes - but I did celebrate my birthday this past weekend!

What I'm craving:
nothing really - the salt crazies have subsided but Chic-fil-a still is like a siren's song to me. Most of the time I say no to the awesomely tasty waffle fries and just get me a Chic-Fil-A sandwich...but not all of the time.

How I'm feeling:
geez right this second I am feeling pretty darn good. Ask me in a bit and I'm sure I'll say cruddy. 9ish in the morning, then mid afternoon and evening I just feel yucky. I've been getting some headaches and now carry Regular Strength Tylenol around with me. The thought of potentially having four more weeks of feeling like this is a bit daunting. People say I'll look back "fondly" on this time :) I've also been very tired. I am going to bed at 9pm, sometimes 8pm.

Running & Exercise:
I've not been very good this week. This is a new thing to me - resting when the body doesn't feel at its best! I've decided I am going to have a schedule somewhat like this for the next couple of months until the half marathon...
Monday - swim & lift
Tuesday - run 6 miles
Wednesday - run 4 miles
Thursday - swim & lift
Friday - run 6 miles
Saturday - long run 10-12 miles
Sunday - rest/take Murphy for a walk or try to get in a bike ride!

I missed Tuesday and Thursday mornings this week. I am going to try to go after work today...though I hate the after work YMCA. Sooooo busy! I have definitely slowed down but I really enjoy getting out and moving. I promise I am taking it easy!

Great moment this week:
not related to the baby, but Murphy has been given a green light to run and play at his eight week checkup after his ACL surgery in August. We did a very easy walk/run this week...he was excited.

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