Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ugh, so last week I started to feel the dreaded sore throat creep up on me and then Friday at work I got socked head-on with the "not feeling goods". I went home early from work and tried to relax. Saturday morning the throat really hurt but that was it so I went on my run hoping to do ten miles. The throat made breathing so hard that I threw in the towel at six miles. I ran a few errands on Saturday but otherwise I was at home trying to recuperate. Sunday I thought I was feeling better...but I still didn't go far from the house. But oh, Monday morning was painful. I went to my first class and just wanted to crawl under a rock. I left my second class early and then whined at home the rest of the day except to go to my late class as I will be missing it for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

THINGS MISSED THIS WEEK: NyQuil & DayQuil...man oh man...I love those drugs especially to help me get to sleep at night.

NEW TO ME: The Neti Pot! I was real reluctant to use it but with my lack of access to some great drugs I was ready to try anything! It really does help! Just wish I could use it on my throat. The sinuses were really feeling fine, but the throat - ooohhh that sore throat! ouchie!

UPDATE: Went to the doctor on Wednesday morning before leaving town and she said I had a most fantastic sinus infection. She said that there was an approved antibiotic for it - known as a Z-pack. Most people have heard of this great 5 day prescription. I started feeling a bit better on Thursday and then much better Friday and so on. The cough comes back at night but I feel like a new person!

Friday, November 20, 2009

All is well so the cat's out of the bag!

image from alphamom.com

So Rick and I went to visit with the nurse practicioner yesterday at my ob/gyn's office. She was a very funny person with a very laid back way of looking at things. I suppose I am not the only pregnant chick she sees every day! They told me right away that we would be hearing the heartbeat so I was relieved that I wouldn't have to pull the crazy pregnant lady act out. I got weighed and I lost a pound since I was there four weeks ago which is funny considering all of the cookies I have been eating lately! I am sure there is some increased calorie burnage from all the body changes I have been going through plus my running.

The appointment was mostly business oriented. Asking family medical history questions and telling me what I can't eat and what medicines I cannot take. Then finally we got to the good part. Now it didn't take long but she couldn't immediately find the heartbeat which was making me a bit anxious. It doesn't help that my hormones have gone so crazy that I can cry at just about anything. When she finally did find that heatbeat though it was magic! I was so relieved. Rick had a big grin on his face. Hooray, there is something still in there!

Sooooo, we feel good about letting the cat out of the bag so to speak. I have started to get around to calling the girlfriends that I have been dying to tell over the last six weeks. I told my co-workers this morning and they were so excited, it was almost like a party. They also promised to make fun of me when I start to waddle around here. Aren't they nice!?

Last night after the doctor's appointment, we went to our friend's tailgate for the Panthers game. We got a chance to spill the beans to some of the people there as well. They admitted that they thought I was being a bit suspicious lately with my non-drinking ways! We also got some awesome free tickets to the game which was nice - except that the Panthers are stinking it up this year and lost the game. The best part was I got an excuse though to eat some crappy stadium food which was so delicious.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Week 12

the baby is a size of a lime this week - that made me think of a yummy Corona

New with the baby:
(according to babycenter.com) Baby K has developed some reflexes! I guess if I poked my stomach, the baby would squirm in response - though I wouldn't feel it. I guess the baby looks more like a baby now than the alien he/she was resembling before. The eyes have moved to the front of his head, and its ears are right where they should be. The baby-to-be is just over 2 inches long (about the size of a lime) and weighs half an ounce.

Feeling pretty good. I have felt much better than the week before. The ab pain I was feeling last week has all but gone away. I have been wearing a water belt around my middle while I run which I think is helping to keep things supported. That or its all mental! This morning I have felt the beginnings of a cold. Yuck! I hope it goes away with the Airborne immunity booster stuff I am taking. To have a cold and only be armed with Tylenol sounds like cruel and unusual punishment!

Oh and I definitely have started to see a baby bump! That or its all the cookies I have been eating!

I go to see the nurse practicioner today at 4pm. Its taken forever to get to this date. I have definitely been paranoid that there's nothing but cookies in there...oh and Golden Grahams...I have been eating more than my share of Golden Grahams. I am hoping we get to hear the heartbeat.

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: Elliptical for 20min and lift
Friday: Run 4 miles with Murph
Saturday: Run 8 miles - pain free!
Sunday: Walk Murph for 30min plus 15 min walk each way to the tailgate! That counts right?!
Monday: Swim for 30
Tuesday: Run for 4 miles with April and Brooke - man they really seem to go fast now. It was a good workout but glad I was only going 4 with them! I came home and got Murph and we walked/ran my 3 mile loop. Maybe a bit too much...very tired by 3pm that day.
Wednesday: Sleep in

Great moment this week:
The birth of Norah Casey....and Running pain free again! This is a huge relief. I am not quite ready to give it up!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome Norah

My good friends, Tara and Jimmy, welcomed Norah Ann Casey into the world on November 16th. She was a teeny tiny 5lbs and 12 ounces and 20 1/4 inches long. I got to see and hold her last night. What a sweetheart - and so much hair! They were such a happy little family and I wish them many days of happiness. I'm glad Baby Kobsik will be able to have a playmate so close in age.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3rd Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my crazy, loving and fun husband! I'd marry you all over again!

Week 11

New with the baby:
According to babycenter.com the baby is just over 1 1/2 inches long and is the size of a fig (geez I don't even know what a fig looks like - how about a fig newton?) and is now almost fully formed. The hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear and some of the bones are beginning to harden. The baby is already busy kicking and stretching, though I won't be able to feel it for another month or two (awh man!).

How I am feeling:
Remember how I was saying I was feeling really good lately? Well I have to take away the really good and modify it to good sometimes but mostly tired, sometimes nauseous and have I said tired? I have gotten a bit of a twinge in my ab muscle. I feel like I have pulled it. I felt it a bit after my long run the previous week and then not much the rest of the week but then after that half marathon it was pretty intense. I am convinced that it is muscular as it doesn't hurt when I am sitting, laying down or even standing still. Sudden twisting motions or changes in direction make it twinge.

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: didn't feel like swimming so I went and did the elliptical for 30 minutes and then tried one of the cardio lifting classes at the YMCA. It was kind of nice and I think I will try to go a few more times until I am told not to lay on my back anymore.
Friday: Ran 5 miles with Murphy. He did awesome but got mad at me when I walked a few times on the run. He didn't limp at all after that!
Saturday: Ran the half marathon and ran around setting up a wedding then boogied at a friend's wedding - see my Busy Day post
Sunday: Nuttin - I have decided to take this week off of running to see if the ab feels better after that
Monday: Nuttin again!
Tuesday: Swam 30 minutes, lifted 30 minutes, walked Murph for 25 minutes
Wednesday: We have the tropical storm, Ida, in town and she encouraged me this morning to stay in bed. What a nice gal! But boy, am I lazy this week!

Great moment this week:
Today is Rick and my 3 year anniversary! Its a great feeling being married to your best friend. Look for another post about that.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me. Though I do tend to have more of these types of days than the average person I would say. When there are three great things happening in one day how do you say no to one of them? I suppose with impending motherhood I will have to learn how.

So first thing Saturday morning I ran the Dowd YMCA Half-Marathon. I decided that I was going to go for a PW. Runners note: a PR in runners terms is a Personal Record. So I have now made my own running term - PW or Personal Worst. Charlotte has some killer hills and I knew I wanted to keep my heart rate down so I would not be setting any records. The weather was nice and chilly - just how I like it. While we were driving to the race it was about 40 degrees F and I am not sure it got out of the 40s while we ran. I found it to be perfect weather for a long sleeved shirt, shorts and gloves. I was with my friends before the race started but let them start the race without me. I didn't want to be tempted to try to keep up with them at all. My father-in-law, Fred, also ran the race and I found him during the first mile and stayed with him and his friend, Tom, for not even a mile. I didn't want to mess up their time goal either. I made them run ahead of me. That's about when I hooked up with a girl who was running her first half marathon. I ran the whole race with her and it was good to have the company. I think if she wasn't around I probably would have walked more but I really never felt like things were too much. Talking to her helped pass the miles. I finished with a 2:11:56 chip time. I am unsure that this is my PW...but it really has to be up there. I haven't finished over 2 hours in a half marathon in a long time.

Me, Ashleigh, April and Brooke (and Murphy)
my bib, medal and official time

Later that day I had two weddings to go to. The first wedding was at my church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, where I help coordinate weddings. This was a relatively low-key wedding and I felt at times like I had nothing to do...which is highly unusual. It was nice to see another couple happily married - especially so close to my own anniversary date. The weather was much like my wedding day three years ago - the trees are in beautiful color and the sun was shining. Lovely.

The second wedding was for friends, Kevin and Erica Nesteruk. Rick and Kevin played baseball together on the Charlotte Rangers, in the adult baseball league. It was a lovely ceremony and reception. They had a great turnout of friends and family to celebrate their day. It was good as always to get together with the baseball boys and wives. They had a VERY fun guest signature book. They had hired a company to bring in a photo booth. It printed out two copies of the strip of photos...one for the book and one for us to keep. The strip had their initials on the bottom. Too cool! Here are our glamour shots!

I felt pretty good during the day and I was personally impressed with my ability to boogy at the wedding after everything I did that day - and while pregnant - and with none of the traditional adult beverages having been consumed. Off to bed early!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 10

Me with a new haircut and my first adopted "child"

New with the baby:
The baby is now a little over an inch long and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce. They say that the most critical portions of the development are over and will be officially considered a fetus by the end of the week!

Weight gain:
None - though I tried with two birthday celebrations in the same day on Sunday!

What I am craving:
Salt again...though not as desperate for it. But when thinking about what food I want, its usually has a good amount of salt to it.

How I am feeling:
Mostly good - which is also a worry. Why do I feel so good? There are so many things to worry about for sure. Bloating/gas (TMI?) has been a great late afternoon addition to the pregnancy repertoire.

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: swim for 25 minutes and lift. It was super hard to breathe while swimming. Was that a pregnancy thing or just a swimming is hard thing?
Friday: run 6 miles with my running buddies
Saturday: the plan was 12 miles and my friend and I were going to do two six miles loops but after the first loop my friend wasn't feeling very good so she pulled off -which I wasn't too upset about since I wasn't feeling the bestest either. So I ran the long way home and that gave me about 7.5+ miles. Then I picked up Murphy and we did the three mile loop in a walk/run. You could tell that he thought that I could run much faster - he kept looking at me silently saying "really? this is the best you can do?"
Sunday: I was going to do another walk/run with Murphy but as I tried to take a few steps running I felt a pain right above my pubic bone? It really feels like a muscle pain. That seems to be a weird spot for the pain. If it persists I will ask about it. We ended up walking for 40 minutes - it didn't hurt while I walked.
Monday: Swim for 30+ minutes (it felt pretty darn good!) and lifting
Tuesday: Run 6 miles. I started out with my friends April and Brooke but the end of the route got pretty darn hilly and I could tell they were picking it up. So rather than push myself too hard I told them to go ahead and I could do the rest by myself. Man! I hate being a "wimp".
Wednesday: whoops slept in! I am not as motivated when there is nobody to meet to run with.

Great moment this week:
It was actually a whole day! Had a great day with Rick on Saturday - which was also Halloween. After my run we went and ran a couple of errands and then went to a local bar to meet my friend April (an Iowa alum) watch the IU vs Iowa football game. I thought it would be a total blowout as Iowa is 8-0 and IU has trouble fielding an impressive football team. But I was having wayyy too much fun as IU was winning for the first three quarters...then they blew it in the fourth quarter. Oh well. It was fun to be the only IU alum at the Iowa bar! After the game I wasn't feeling all that great so we went home and I took an hour and a half nap! This napping thing is still very new to me. When I woke up we went downtown and caught a movie, Couples Retreat, which was really funny. The movie theater is attached to a club/restaurant so we were able to get some food and drinks and bring it into the movie. I had my first non-alcoholic beer, a Buckler. It was alright. I'm sure in the right situations it will be really nice to have a "beer" of my own. But otherwise I kind of enjoy having sips out of Rick's real beer instead. I don't think he enjoys it as much. After the movie was over we were observe a bunch of people coming to the bars in the area in their costumes. That was entertainment in itself. I think I was asleep that night by 10pm. My first Halloween in awhile that I didn't get all dressed up...and I didn't really mind to tell you the truth!

Care Package from Sweden

I got to see my parents very briefly last Tuesday, October 27th as they had a flight connection in Charlotte. They were flying back from Stockholm, Sweden where they had been with my sister, Debbie, and my bro-in-law Carsten. Debbie & Carsten became first-time parents to Maxx Wilhelm on October 4th. Look at how wonderful the new family looks!

So my parents had in tow an amazing care package from my sister! I really don't know how she had the time to put this together as she is recovering from her C-section and figuring out how to be a mother. This gift was so wonderful. She had one big box with this card to get me started off:

It said:
"I put together this little care package for you with different things that I found interesting about being a Mom-to-Be. Not everything that happened to me was beautiful or glowing. But it was completely "normal". "Your pregnancy will be completely unique of course! And I can't wait to hear what you find interesting, frustrating, fascinating and disgusting about the experience." "Read each envelope first, open the bag, then read the content of the envelope."
There was a "million" little packages tied up with an envelope hanging off of it. They had funny titles like "A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Tired Mom-to-Be" and "A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Hungry Mom-to-Be"
...and this was what was inside ALL of the packages!!!!

They were all so clever, here are some details:
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is an Impatient Mom-to-Be":
included disinfectant wipes for the bathroom and toilet paper!
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Dry Mom-to-Be":
included lip balm
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Hungry Mom-to-Be":
included items for any type of craving - mixed nuts, gummy bears, sour gummies and a Toblerone bar! (I have to admit that these are all almost gone - I am definitely a Hungry Mom-to-Be)

"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Round Mom-to-Be":
included her beloved belly belt (which she requested back for the if & when) and a kit to help your existing pants expand (which I might need soon after all the snacks I ate - see above!)
This one was my favorite....
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Noisy Mom-to-Be":
included home-made fiber muffins (again how did she have the time?!) and ear plugs for Rick! - hahaha
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Tired Mom-to-Be":
included an eye mask and a couple of bags of tea (to be used in moderation of course)
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Leaky Mom-to-Be":
included panty liners (nice! don't need these yet and really hope that there is not much future need for them!) and tissues for the hormonal tears (definitely need these already!)
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Prepared Mom-to-Be":
included a pack of newborn diapers. She said that people told her to practice putting the itty-bitty diapers on a doll, that it would be much different than when we all baby-sat. Newborns are so tiny! Or she said to just be happy to stock the changing table (I am anticipating the latter)
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is an Informed Mom-to-Be":
included a couple of pregnancy magazines...I enjoy the United Kingdom spin that one of the magazines had. Kind of like reading Bridget Jones does Pregnancy.

Thank you Debbie! You are the BEST! I can't believe the thoughtfulness and time you put into this gift. It's just wonderful. I am so glad our kids are going to be less than a year apart! We'll have to shrink that ocean in between us so we can see each other more often!
Another thank you to my parents for toting that gift all over a few airports, a couple of layovers and a HUGE detour!
I *heart* my family!