Sunday, November 8, 2009

Busy Day

Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me. Though I do tend to have more of these types of days than the average person I would say. When there are three great things happening in one day how do you say no to one of them? I suppose with impending motherhood I will have to learn how.

So first thing Saturday morning I ran the Dowd YMCA Half-Marathon. I decided that I was going to go for a PW. Runners note: a PR in runners terms is a Personal Record. So I have now made my own running term - PW or Personal Worst. Charlotte has some killer hills and I knew I wanted to keep my heart rate down so I would not be setting any records. The weather was nice and chilly - just how I like it. While we were driving to the race it was about 40 degrees F and I am not sure it got out of the 40s while we ran. I found it to be perfect weather for a long sleeved shirt, shorts and gloves. I was with my friends before the race started but let them start the race without me. I didn't want to be tempted to try to keep up with them at all. My father-in-law, Fred, also ran the race and I found him during the first mile and stayed with him and his friend, Tom, for not even a mile. I didn't want to mess up their time goal either. I made them run ahead of me. That's about when I hooked up with a girl who was running her first half marathon. I ran the whole race with her and it was good to have the company. I think if she wasn't around I probably would have walked more but I really never felt like things were too much. Talking to her helped pass the miles. I finished with a 2:11:56 chip time. I am unsure that this is my PW...but it really has to be up there. I haven't finished over 2 hours in a half marathon in a long time.

Me, Ashleigh, April and Brooke (and Murphy)
my bib, medal and official time

Later that day I had two weddings to go to. The first wedding was at my church, St. Patrick's Cathedral, where I help coordinate weddings. This was a relatively low-key wedding and I felt at times like I had nothing to do...which is highly unusual. It was nice to see another couple happily married - especially so close to my own anniversary date. The weather was much like my wedding day three years ago - the trees are in beautiful color and the sun was shining. Lovely.

The second wedding was for friends, Kevin and Erica Nesteruk. Rick and Kevin played baseball together on the Charlotte Rangers, in the adult baseball league. It was a lovely ceremony and reception. They had a great turnout of friends and family to celebrate their day. It was good as always to get together with the baseball boys and wives. They had a VERY fun guest signature book. They had hired a company to bring in a photo booth. It printed out two copies of the strip of for the book and one for us to keep. The strip had their initials on the bottom. Too cool! Here are our glamour shots!

I felt pretty good during the day and I was personally impressed with my ability to boogy at the wedding after everything I did that day - and while pregnant - and with none of the traditional adult beverages having been consumed. Off to bed early!

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