Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Care Package from Sweden

I got to see my parents very briefly last Tuesday, October 27th as they had a flight connection in Charlotte. They were flying back from Stockholm, Sweden where they had been with my sister, Debbie, and my bro-in-law Carsten. Debbie & Carsten became first-time parents to Maxx Wilhelm on October 4th. Look at how wonderful the new family looks!

So my parents had in tow an amazing care package from my sister! I really don't know how she had the time to put this together as she is recovering from her C-section and figuring out how to be a mother. This gift was so wonderful. She had one big box with this card to get me started off:

It said:
"I put together this little care package for you with different things that I found interesting about being a Mom-to-Be. Not everything that happened to me was beautiful or glowing. But it was completely "normal". "Your pregnancy will be completely unique of course! And I can't wait to hear what you find interesting, frustrating, fascinating and disgusting about the experience." "Read each envelope first, open the bag, then read the content of the envelope."
There was a "million" little packages tied up with an envelope hanging off of it. They had funny titles like "A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Tired Mom-to-Be" and "A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Hungry Mom-to-Be"
...and this was what was inside ALL of the packages!!!!

They were all so clever, here are some details:
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is an Impatient Mom-to-Be":
included disinfectant wipes for the bathroom and toilet paper!
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Dry Mom-to-Be":
included lip balm
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Hungry Mom-to-Be":
included items for any type of craving - mixed nuts, gummy bears, sour gummies and a Toblerone bar! (I have to admit that these are all almost gone - I am definitely a Hungry Mom-to-Be)

"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Round Mom-to-Be":
included her beloved belly belt (which she requested back for the if & when) and a kit to help your existing pants expand (which I might need soon after all the snacks I ate - see above!)
This one was my favorite....
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Noisy Mom-to-Be":
included home-made fiber muffins (again how did she have the time?!) and ear plugs for Rick! - hahaha
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Tired Mom-to-Be":
included an eye mask and a couple of bags of tea (to be used in moderation of course)
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Leaky Mom-to-Be":
included panty liners (nice! don't need these yet and really hope that there is not much future need for them!) and tissues for the hormonal tears (definitely need these already!)
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is a Prepared Mom-to-Be":
included a pack of newborn diapers. She said that people told her to practice putting the itty-bitty diapers on a doll, that it would be much different than when we all baby-sat. Newborns are so tiny! Or she said to just be happy to stock the changing table (I am anticipating the latter)
"A Pregnant Mom-to-Be is an Informed Mom-to-Be":
included a couple of pregnancy magazines...I enjoy the United Kingdom spin that one of the magazines had. Kind of like reading Bridget Jones does Pregnancy.

Thank you Debbie! You are the BEST! I can't believe the thoughtfulness and time you put into this gift. It's just wonderful. I am so glad our kids are going to be less than a year apart! We'll have to shrink that ocean in between us so we can see each other more often!
Another thank you to my parents for toting that gift all over a few airports, a couple of layovers and a HUGE detour!
I *heart* my family!

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