Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ugh, so last week I started to feel the dreaded sore throat creep up on me and then Friday at work I got socked head-on with the "not feeling goods". I went home early from work and tried to relax. Saturday morning the throat really hurt but that was it so I went on my run hoping to do ten miles. The throat made breathing so hard that I threw in the towel at six miles. I ran a few errands on Saturday but otherwise I was at home trying to recuperate. Sunday I thought I was feeling better...but I still didn't go far from the house. But oh, Monday morning was painful. I went to my first class and just wanted to crawl under a rock. I left my second class early and then whined at home the rest of the day except to go to my late class as I will be missing it for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.

THINGS MISSED THIS WEEK: NyQuil & DayQuil...man oh man...I love those drugs especially to help me get to sleep at night.

NEW TO ME: The Neti Pot! I was real reluctant to use it but with my lack of access to some great drugs I was ready to try anything! It really does help! Just wish I could use it on my throat. The sinuses were really feeling fine, but the throat - ooohhh that sore throat! ouchie!

UPDATE: Went to the doctor on Wednesday morning before leaving town and she said I had a most fantastic sinus infection. She said that there was an approved antibiotic for it - known as a Z-pack. Most people have heard of this great 5 day prescription. I started feeling a bit better on Thursday and then much better Friday and so on. The cough comes back at night but I feel like a new person!

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