Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 10

Me with a new haircut and my first adopted "child"

New with the baby:
The baby is now a little over an inch long and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce. They say that the most critical portions of the development are over and will be officially considered a fetus by the end of the week!

Weight gain:
None - though I tried with two birthday celebrations in the same day on Sunday!

What I am craving:
Salt again...though not as desperate for it. But when thinking about what food I want, its usually has a good amount of salt to it.

How I am feeling:
Mostly good - which is also a worry. Why do I feel so good? There are so many things to worry about for sure. Bloating/gas (TMI?) has been a great late afternoon addition to the pregnancy repertoire.

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: swim for 25 minutes and lift. It was super hard to breathe while swimming. Was that a pregnancy thing or just a swimming is hard thing?
Friday: run 6 miles with my running buddies
Saturday: the plan was 12 miles and my friend and I were going to do two six miles loops but after the first loop my friend wasn't feeling very good so she pulled off -which I wasn't too upset about since I wasn't feeling the bestest either. So I ran the long way home and that gave me about 7.5+ miles. Then I picked up Murphy and we did the three mile loop in a walk/run. You could tell that he thought that I could run much faster - he kept looking at me silently saying "really? this is the best you can do?"
Sunday: I was going to do another walk/run with Murphy but as I tried to take a few steps running I felt a pain right above my pubic bone? It really feels like a muscle pain. That seems to be a weird spot for the pain. If it persists I will ask about it. We ended up walking for 40 minutes - it didn't hurt while I walked.
Monday: Swim for 30+ minutes (it felt pretty darn good!) and lifting
Tuesday: Run 6 miles. I started out with my friends April and Brooke but the end of the route got pretty darn hilly and I could tell they were picking it up. So rather than push myself too hard I told them to go ahead and I could do the rest by myself. Man! I hate being a "wimp".
Wednesday: whoops slept in! I am not as motivated when there is nobody to meet to run with.

Great moment this week:
It was actually a whole day! Had a great day with Rick on Saturday - which was also Halloween. After my run we went and ran a couple of errands and then went to a local bar to meet my friend April (an Iowa alum) watch the IU vs Iowa football game. I thought it would be a total blowout as Iowa is 8-0 and IU has trouble fielding an impressive football team. But I was having wayyy too much fun as IU was winning for the first three quarters...then they blew it in the fourth quarter. Oh well. It was fun to be the only IU alum at the Iowa bar! After the game I wasn't feeling all that great so we went home and I took an hour and a half nap! This napping thing is still very new to me. When I woke up we went downtown and caught a movie, Couples Retreat, which was really funny. The movie theater is attached to a club/restaurant so we were able to get some food and drinks and bring it into the movie. I had my first non-alcoholic beer, a Buckler. It was alright. I'm sure in the right situations it will be really nice to have a "beer" of my own. But otherwise I kind of enjoy having sips out of Rick's real beer instead. I don't think he enjoys it as much. After the movie was over we were observe a bunch of people coming to the bars in the area in their costumes. That was entertainment in itself. I think I was asleep that night by 10pm. My first Halloween in awhile that I didn't get all dressed up...and I didn't really mind to tell you the truth!

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