Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its a........GIRL!

Undeniably today we saw that we indeed are going to have a beautiful baby GIRL! Rick and I have been talking boy, boy, boy for sooooo long, but we are 'over the moon' excited about the news that we are going to be having a girl.

We went to the ultrasound this morning and I would have to say that Rick and I were so anxious. Rick said that this was the most nervous he has ever been in his entire life. The ultrasound tech was so wonderful. I really don't know how they do it so fast and some of the things they see...its amazing. She took lots of measurements of the baby's spine, heart beat (150bpm), legs, arms and major organs. The little heart was so neat to see. You could see all four chambers working away in there. She took a measurement of the head and she said it was measuring a week ahead. My little girl is already taking after me and her Grandpa Lerch! Big noggins! Actually she said the whole baby was measuring ahead of schedule so it was proportionate.

So after alllll that measuring the ultrasound tech finally got to the goods! She said to Rick...'oh Daddy, you do like those girls!' Rick said..."so I'm having a girl?" Yes indeedy! Our little girl was being helpful in that area but was only discreetly parting her legs so we could see her. A little lady already!

She was able to go into 3D which was super cool. Our little girl was being so shy with her hands in front of her face. Or a more likely explanation was that she was in a good boxers stance ready to jab jab jab at this lady that was poking around at her. We did finally get a good pic of her in 3D with her hand away from her face.

This ultrasound was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my life. What a miracle. Baby Girl is looking very healthy and well formed. I am doing quite well too. We are so blessed.

Here are some of the favorite ultrasound pics. We were given a DVD too...I will see if I can figure out how to get that online as well.

Pic of the heart beat and a good view of a lot of the ribs and hands etc

Scary face picture - this reminds me of the part of the movie Terminator when his face melts off. She's a very CUTE terminator though!

3D pics...too cool. The tech said that the cord is not wrapped around her neck but draped over the shoulder. No worries!

there's that boxer stance

And here is the revealing picture...wonder if our little girl will be mad we put her private parts out on the internet for all to see?

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