Monday, December 14, 2009

Kiawah Half Marathon

We just got back from not-so-sunny Kiawah Island, SC. Rick and I were two of twelve people from Charlotte who shared an AMAZING house for the weekend so that we could do some running. Four girls did the half marathon and three girls did the full marathon. Five amazing boyfriend/husbands also came to support us.

I was originally signed up for the full marathon but once I found out that I was pregnant those plans changed. I paid a change fee to officially switch from the full to the half marathon. What a racket! It seems like I paid for both me and the baby to run in the race!

We got in Thursday night and just loved hanging out in our six bedroom house. They gave Rick and I the master bedroom because 1-I'm pregnant and they thought that would be nice; 2- nobody else wanted to sleep on the main level near the kitchen and 3- Rick and I can sleep through a hurricane (will that change once a baby comes along?) Oh but I loved that room with its 20 foot ceilings, ginormous closet, four poster bed and the biggest bathroom I've ever been in. I miss that shower with the four heads and massaging action! (sigh)

Friday the other girls went for a jog - they waited too long and I was already showered - and we then went to go pick up our numbers.

6 out of 7 runners with our numbers

All day Friday, Rick was getting his spaghetti sauce together made from his mother's recipe. I helped make the meatballs...I think I did alright. He was very excited to be able to do this for everyone so that we could carb up for the big race. It turned out great and everybody had awesome races the next day - it must have been the sauce!

The crew eating the pasta dinner that Rick made

We were really worried that it was going to rain on us for the race but it stayed dry while we were running. We caught a courtesy shuttle to the start line and we were there just long enough before the race to get in the porta-john line and then get into the start line. It was a chilly was in the 40s but with a breeze that dropped the temperature considerably. However during the first part of the run I got warm enough to wish that I had shorts on instead of the pants.
I ran with my friend, Meredith. We really should spend less time together so that we have more things to say on these long runs. We were really searching for things to talk about. Good thing the race itself kept us entertained as the course doubled back on itself and we got to see the parade of people running the other way. We got to cheer for all of our friends as they raced by too. The race course goes along the neighborhoods that make up Kiawah Island. There are SO many beautiful homes there. We got to window shop architecture and Christmas decorations which was also entertaining.

I felt really good during the race. Thank goodness for the cool day and overcast skies. That really helped. I wore my very attractive pregnancy belt and it actually came in handy as it has a pouch in the back where I stowed my cell phone in case of emergency. I was so glad I had it...I felt a few muscle twinges in the round ligament area at about half way and just knew that I was so smart to have it on. I was able to keep a good conversational pace and my heart rate was steady at 160...which seemed a little high to me but I was breathing really well and as I already said I could talk without any problem which is the new generally accepted guideline for pregnant women as they exercise.
Meredith and I finished the race at 2:11...hooray for us! I was thinking that my time goal was to do about the same as my last race which I did in 2:12. I think we beat my last time by a few seconds which is good for my advancing pregnancy on a nice flat course vs the VERY hilly course in Charlotte that I did at ten weeks pregnant.

Meredith and I right after we finished
The half marathoners - Meredith, Me, Jenn & Keri

Everybody had a great race - Jenn & Keri came in a few minutes ahead of us and the three marathoners all rocked it with times under four hours. Colleen was two minutes off of qualifying for Boston with a 3:42, April blew away her goal of getting under four hours with a 3:51 and Brooke did amazing in her first marathon with a time of 3:57! I'm glad that I didn't end up running with them because they would have really shown me up!
I really do hate this picture of me - it was really cold and that's why I look like Shrek. But I put it up here because its the only picture of all of us girls together.
left to right: Me, Meredith, Colleen, April, Brooke, Jenn & Keri

Rick and I took a second to look at the ocean...brr it was cold!

My bib and the very cool recycled glass medal that we were given...its on the tree right now!

All in all it was an awesome weekend. It was one of the fanciest post-race food spreads I have ever seen. I don't know if I would come back to run the marathon there. The marathon does a double loop of the same course which is already doubling back on itself quite a bit. There isn't many spectators out and at times its is VERY quiet along the route. The positives was where we went was beautiful - beautiful homes, inlets from the ocean, golf courses etc and the best cornbread muffins at the post-race ever!
That was the last of my double digit mile runs for a long time. Now that this is over a lot of my friends don't want to run as much anymore which might make it harder to find people to run with when I want to too. But there's always Murphy!


  1. You're on fire girl! Had no idea you had a blog!
    Congrats on the race! Merry Christmas too! Miss seeing you around the hood :(

  2. BTW - congrats! I didn't know you were prego!