Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone already. Its funny how the buildup starts in October nowadays and yet you are still not ready for it when it gets to be the week of Christmas. There is still the last minute gifts and baking and decorating to do. You would think that since it IS the same day every year that we would be better prepared!

We had a very nice Christmas. A quiet one...but they sure won't be quiet from here on out! We started with having friends over on Wednesday, the 23rd. Marc & Chris and Julie & John came over. Rick has known Marc & John for many many years. They played sports with each other growing up and graduated from Charlotte Catholic HS together. We had a nice dinner with them and played some games.

I put out some luminaries to great our guests - though they all used the back door!

Chris Vozab & Marc Gignac - wedding date 05/08/10

John & Julie Newlands

The girls!

I worked Christmas Eve morning and Rick picked me up around noon and we had a nice lunch at Red Rocks Cafe. We then went shopping at South Park Mall which actually wasn't too crazy busy. It was festive-ly busy. We spent some money there and then went to Marshalls - I was on a hunt for the holiday crackers - you know the things made out of paper and you pull on them and they pop and there is silly stuff inside? Well I had seen them there just a week before but when we got there they were cleaned out! What we did see though was a HUGE stuffed Murphy-dogg! We couldn't resist - its for the baby right? Here is Murphy with MurphXL...

We went to mass at 6:30pm at St. Ann's with Rick's parents and his sister Lori and family. St. Ann's is actually where Rick went to elementary school and where his nephews, Joey and Jacob also went. Since it was kind of late after mass we went over to Fred & Donna's for snacks and presents. It was a nice night.

family pic

ho ho ho

Lori & Rick

Rick and I exchanged gifts that night at home. I got a fancy new heart rate monitor from Rick and my yearly Boxer calendar from Murphy. My sister, Debbie, had my name for Xmas and she sent a great gift certificate to Destination Maternity which I will probably use at their spa! Rick got a new sweater and book of the planets from my parents who had his name. From Murphy he got a new pooper-scooper! Baby K even did some shopping for him and got him some Winthrop baby gear.

Rick with his new sweater on and showing off the new scooper!

On Christmas we went over to Fred & Donna's for an early dinner. I wasn't feeling so great that day. I am not sure what was going on with me - pregnancy? I felt really worn out and my stomach was a bit queasy - I could only eat half of the great meal they made! When we got home I was so tired and I was really lightheaded/dizzy. Weird huh? My sister, LeeAnn, reminded me that the baby is really messing around with my blood pressure and that could explain that lighheaded-ness. We watched the new Star Trek movie and I was asleep by 8pm that night! Party animal!

17 week - Christmas morning baby bump

Me and my kid...we took a million pictures to try to get a nice one...these were my favorite...

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