Friday, December 4, 2009

Our favorite child

Murphy has proudly held the title of our favorite (i.e. only) child for almost three years now. Even though Murph is going to have some competition come June, we don't think there will ever be any mistaking that we love our dog. We've heard the stories of how a dog is loved like a child and then when a baby comes, he becomes 'just the dog'. We're sure that it will happen a bit for us too, but we have hopes that he will still continue to be an important part of the family (especially if he doesn't blow any more ACLs!).

Some favorites about Murph-Dogg:

*I really love having him as a running companion. I really missed him when he was laid up with his knee injuries. He especially doesn't mind when I have to stop to use the bathroom while on a run (like this morning) as he stops about six times a run!

*He gives great love when we are sad, he gives great love when we are happy. He will get all close to your legs and leans on in. You can't help but give him some lovin' back.

*We are sure he's going to be a great big brother as he has had all kinds of training with nieces and nephews poking and pulling. As long as he can get a lick in, he's alright.

"My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am". ~Author Unknown

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  1. Aw...Murph is the best. He's a lover not a hater, thats for sure!