Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Party Time!

I hosted the 4th annual girls' holiday party on the 17th of December. Its occasions like this that I really wish I had a bigger house...and a bigger dining room table. There were 15 of us which is a wonderful crowd - not too big not too small.

Jenn, Keri and Brooke

So as I said this is the fourth year we have had this party and we eat, drink, laugh and exchange gifts - white elephant style. The first year we exchanged books, year two was champagne glasses, year three cookbooks and this year was earrings. It was so fun.

Heidi, Shannon and Katie

Everybody brought something to share - be it an appetizer, side dish, dessert or wine. We had the traditional champagne punch that is so tasty (recipe below). You can tell we are "growing up" - I was not the only pregnant girl there! My friend Stephanie is due at the beginning of April and my friend, Kelli who is only a couple of weeks behind me. It is very fun to commiserate with these ladies from time to time.

Me, Kelli, Stephanie and Julie (and the TV)

The earring selection was very good - nobody bought the tacky earrings (which would actually be in the true spirit of a white elephant exchange). There were quite of few earrings exchanging hands and I think most everybody was satisfied.

So fun to celebrate every year with these girls...what to exchange next year?!
Brooke and Meredith
April and Colleen
Me, Shannon and Stephanie
Meredith getting to open ANOTHER present!
oooh what did you get?!
Shannon and I showing off the flower pins that Meredith made

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