Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 14, Thanksgiving and a Wedding

New with the baby:
The baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee (pee?! This makes sense but I have to admit that I did not think about how the baby would be floating around in that stuff for seven months), and possibly suck its thumb. The baby is also stretching out. From head to bottom, he/she should measure 3 1/2 inches -- about the size of a lemon-- and he/she should weigh 1 1/2 ounces.

Now that I am over my sinus infection I feel pretty good. I have been so busy with school so I haven't been able to clean my house, grocery shop, work out much or even eat very well. I feel like a bad mother. I know this period will only last a week or so until my portfolio show on the ninth. Then I can be a healthier version of myself. I feel very pudgy and blah. But other than that, I don't feel like I am pregnant. No more nausea, the cravings are dying down and if I were getting more sleep I wouldn't be feeling as tired as before.

Baby bump?:
not sure anymore. Over Thanksgiving, I swear I looked like I was a month further along. I was really out there. That effect has gone down and again I just feel pudgy from eating bad and not exercising. A couple of eagle eyes say that I have bumped out a bit but I'm not completely convinced that its not just Thanksgiving showing on me.

Running and exercise:
Ha - non-existent. I ran 6 miles on Saturday, November 21st and then I just didn't feel good enough to do any physical activity until the Friday after Thanksgiving where I went and sat on a recumbent bike for 40 minutes. Saturday we hiked/walked some of the trails for a hour - that's something right?! I ran for the first time in ten days yesterday. I was a bit nervous about it but the four miles went real well. Today I had to "sleep in" a bit because I stayed up until 1am finishing a project for school.

Thanksgiving and a Wedding:
Rick and I drove up to Columbus, OH last Wednesday so that we could spend Thanksgiving with my family and attend my cousin, Brent Simonds, wedding. My parents flew in from Florida Wednesday night and we stayed in downtown Columbus in a very nice Doubletree.

Thursday we visited with family friends of the Kobsiks - the Deshetlers. What nice people! I had met some of them before but it was good to meet more of the large clan. That night my Aunt Cathy hosted us at her house for a Thanksgiving meal. My sister, LeeAnn, and her kids, Nolan and Tory, made it in as well. It was a nice surprise to have a Thanksgiving meal when we thought maybe we would just be having pizza!

Friday we drove down to Deer Creek State Park which is about 30 miles south of Columbus. It was so remote! My brother, Gary, and his wife, Renata, met us there with my nephew Lukas. Lukas was getting over a double ear infection but was still all smiles as he tends to be.

Lukas with his trademark grin

Friday evening Brent and Francie (the groom and bride) hosted a Game Night as their rehearsal dinner so that everybody could be together, chat and play games. It was a great time playing euchre and other board games.

Mom, Lukas, Gary and Renata at game night

Saturday morning we went for an hour long walk through the woods surrounding the hotel area. It was nice to walk off some of the big breakfast we ate. Saturday afternoon, I got to play wedding. My Aunt Cathy did all of the decorations herself for the wedding and so I helped with some of the set-up along with a host of other volunteers. I love weddings!

LeeAnn and I look goooood for hiking!

Saturday evening was the wedding. They got married in front of the lodge's large fireplace with candles glowing everywhere. It was beautiful. The reception was decorated to the hilt with their winter wonderland theme. It was very nice. We did some dancing and chatting with family. It was so nice.

The bride & groom cut the cake

The Lerch side of the family that made it to the wedding

Uncle Rick and Lukas hung out for awhile

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