Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Week 15 - A return to exercising

big as an apple this week!

I am posting this a day earlier cuz tomorrow I have my big portfolio show at school and also a big presentation to make. I will be otherwise occupied. But that's tomorrow and why worry about it today?!

New with the baby:
According to babycenter.com the baby should be as big as an APPLE this week! Not as big as my MacBook Pro but maybe an iPod?! The baby has started "breathing" amniotic fluid in through its nose and respiratory tract, giving those lungs some practice for the real thing. Even though the eyelids are still fused shut, he/she can sense light. I haven't felt any moving yet though they say the baby has been moving for weeks...hopefully in the next few weeks!

Feeling pretty good physically. Mentally is a different story...I am feeling the strain of the last weeks of school. I had a "group" project due last Wednesday - I wasn't feeling the group love so much. Yesterday I had to turn in a presentation board for a project and I am presenting on it tomorrow to a panel of people. Then tomorrow night I have my portfolio show at which I am supposed to display my best stuff for all to see. There could potentially be local businesses there. No pressure! I have also been blessed with a lot of orders for my side business rkDesigns! Its exciting times around here.

But otherwise I don't feel pregnant this week. I have been doing some stress eating the past couple of weeks and I am trying to reign that in. The pants are getting pretty tight...I can still wear some of the jeans that lay lower on the waist. I am really looking forward to the stretchy pants!

Things that I have been hearing about and NOT excited about:
*Skin tags - did you know that pregnant women are more likely to get skin tags?! Gross!
*Bleeding gums/Nosebleeds - I guess this is a common side effect of all the extra blood pumping through the body!
*Sinus congestion - now I need no help in this area. I typically get a cold/sinus infection one to two times a winter season. In fact, I just got over one! Perhaps its time to invest in a humidifier.
*Skin pigmentation - So I guess this is also hormone related. There is something called a linea nigra, or that darkish line that can run down the center of the belly that may show up as soon as I start showing? Also they say that moles, freckles and birthmarks can spread and/or darken. Again...pregnancy does WEIRD things to you!!

Running and exercise:

Wednesday: I slept in last Wednesday but was able to sneak in a swim at the Y in the afternoon. I was so exhausted from staying up late to finish a class project that it was super hard to breath etc. I started to lift but knew I couldn't move another muscle. Was asleep by 7:30pm
Thursday: Ran 5 miles with Meredith and Murphy. It was another hard breathing session but everything else felt good. Meredith tried to twist her ankle during the middle of the run. Darn her but it gave us a good break in the middle of the run!
Friday: Ran 5 miles with Murphy. Even though I went to the bathroom two times before going out to run, I STILL had to make use of a porta-potty in somebody's driveway. I know that's kind of icky - but it was necessary and it had a wreath on the front so it was high class driveway peeing! :)
Saturday: Was going to run but because of the rain we postponed the journey till Sunday. Meredith and I went to the Y and swam and lifted. Again, this was harder than pre-pregnancy normal. I feel really weak in the muscles.
Sunday: Meredith and I ran 11 miles in 30 degree weather! Cold but fantastic for running. We ran 6 with Murphy and then 5 without. This was the longest I had run in a looooong time! The first 6 I ran with my new pregnancy belt on. It gives me some support in the lower belly where I had previously felt some pain. It really does feel good but pushes against my bladder! So I was super glad we stopped at the 6 mile mark. The last 5 miles I took off the belt thinking maybe I didn't need it and I felt good for most of the run but there were some definite twinges in the lower belly. Perhaps I do need it. The run felt pretty good...though I was happy to be done at 11. I think that I will definitely be able to go 2 more miles this next Saturday in Kiawah especially with it being nice and flat!
Monday: Rest day after that long run and just finishing up school projects! Murphy was mad.
Tuesday: I went out for the three mile run with Murphy but we probably ran 17 minutes and walked 20 minutes. I felt so weak and tired! Could I still be sore from Sunday? Oh boy...

I will post about the portfolio show and the presentation on Thursday hopefully!

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