Thursday, December 17, 2009

Week 16 - Lookin' Good So Far

Rick and I went to see Dr. Lucas today (this was the first time seeing him since we had that 'surprise' visit at the beginning of October). We got to listen to the heart beat which is always so awesome. The nurse told us it was 154bpm. Which according to the old wives' tales that would point to it being a girl! Oh goodness...what are we going to do with a girl?! Love it to pieces, I know! But I have had a lot of people today tell me that their boys had high heart rates as well. It is related to me so it could just be an uptight boy!

Dr. Lucas said that everything was looking good. He also said - "you've finally gained weight!". Huh? I thought I was definitely gaining weight. So they say that I am a couple of pounds behind the average weight gain. He said that whatever I am doing is good and that I should keep doing it (hooray the pizza and fries can stay!). He prefers that somebody be a bit behind rather than ahead.

We also set the ultrasound date for December 31st!!! I didn't think I would be able to find out in my 18th week since it is New Years week but I got lucky! They had one appointment open in the morning. I was supposed to work that day but I guess I'll be taking the day off! Oh well.

New with the baby:
They say he/she is about the size of an avocado (mmmmm guacamole) - 4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces. The baby has started to grow finger and toenails.

New with me:
Not a whole lot. I seem to be getting more tired more easily lately. I find that kind of funny since they say once your second trimester sets in that you are supposed to have all of this energy. I would say its about the opposite. After work and just one errand I am spent. It could be that I have a lot going on and the baby is telling me to chill out!

Get a load of this baby bump! Its not as noticeable I think in the mornings as it is in the afternoons when this picture was taken. But its definitely coming on out. I suppose if you don't know that I am pregnant it just looks like I have indulged in too many holiday treats!

Running and Exercise:

Wednesday: slept in/was going crazy getting ready for my portfolio show last week.
Thursday: ran 4 miles with Meredith and Murph
Friday: nuttin - was in Kiawah eating!
Saturday: Half marathon!
Sunday: nuttin
Monday: 20 minutes on the elliptical (it really felt hard!) and then did the Bodypump class at the Y. Good workout
Tuesday: "ran" 4 miles with Meredith and Murph. Between Murphy stopping for potty breaks, the traffic and my general tiredness we sure stopped a lot. But I suppose we ran more than I think.
Wednesday: nuttin - slept in after staying up late for my presentation to the board.

Great moments this week:
1)I swear on Wednesday I felt Baby K moving around in there. Not sure how to tell you how it feels. Kind of like somebody is tickling me from the inside. Ooh now that I am concentrating on it I can kind of feel the same movements. Its so faint and I really have to concentrate so I wonder if I am just making it up.

2)Hearing the heartbeat. It sounds like a washing machine - so swooshy. I have to admit that part of me has a worry before they pull out that dopler that something is wrong and that there really isn't something in there. The nurse found it so quickly today and it sounded so nice and strong. Awesome, awesome, awesome feeling.

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