Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week 17 - Holidays are Here!

Its the eve of the holidays. We have gone to parties and shows and watched some movies to get in the mood. Our house is quite festive. Here are some pics!

front of the house (and you can see me in the door)

the mantel - we have stocking holders that spell out NOEL...right now the E is empty - next year will be a different story!

the tree!

our Christmas card display

I have eaten cookies for breakfast - another good sign that its Christmas week! It will be a kind of quiet Christmas. Rick's sister, Mary, is expecting number three at any time now so they will be staying in Chapel Hill, NC and then sister, Christine, and family won't be able to make it down from Chicago this year. It will be quieter than usual but I suppose we should embrace it as our "last quiet Christmas".

New with the Baby:
The baby should be about 5 inches long this week. I just BlackBerry is 4.25" long - so its smaller than a bread box, bigger than a BlackBerry. The skelaton is changing from soft cartilage to bone. He/she can move her joints and of all things - sweat glands are starting to develop. Very interesting.

New with me:
Not much. I haven't felt the baby at all this week. I know that's normal but after last week's excitement its sad to be "alone" again. I don't know if this is pregnancy related but I am sure easily irritable this past week. Sunday, Rick could do no right and since then different things have been ticking me off. I'm sure the preggo hormones don't help but wonder if it also doesn't have something to do with the impending holidays and the parties and such we've been going to. Still in some of my bigger non-preggo clothes but it really feels like that stomach is sticking out! I had a co-worker who hadn't yet been clued into the news ask me if there was a bun in the oven...he said there was no way that the runner/triathlete would be gaining weight. I knew just looks like Xmas over-indulgence!

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: run/walk 4 miles with Murphy...this was a hard one again. Took me 52 minutes...ouch.
Friday: Run 4 miles with April, her dog, Chief, and Murphy. Same route and it only took me 40 minutes this time. It helps to have people with me to keep me running.
Saturday: Run 6 miles with April, Meredith and Murphy. This one was alright effort wise.
Sunday: nuttin
Monday: 20 minutes on the elliptical then the Bodypump class. I am loving this class..they set the weight lifting to music. That makes it more fun to me. Then we had our company party where we did a little golfin' and a little tennis-ing. Running around the tennis courts was fun but boy was I pooped afterwards.

my manager, Karen, and I waiting for our turn to chip at the company party and yes it was chilly!

Tuesday: 4 miles with April, Chief, Meredith and Murphy. It was super cold -25 degrees! This is the best I felt running since the half marathon. Go figure - what's the difference?
Wednesday: nuttin - Wednesday is unintentionally turning out to be my goof off day.

Fun moments this week:
Went to a show on Sunday with the in-laws, Fred & Donna. We saw The Sister's Christmas Catechism at the 3pm showing. It was hilarious. If you all ever have a chance to see any of the "sister's" shows, you should definitely do it. If you have ever spent any time in a Catholic school it is DEFINITELy a must-see. We laughed really hard. We then went to dinner at the Fig Tree which is just a couple of miles from our house. Its in a restored house decorated in a Frank Lloyd Wright manner and just gorgeous. They had beautiful Christmas decorations up and a fire going. It was just an all around amazing experience. Great food, great service, great ambience. Loved it!

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