Wednesday, January 27, 2010

22 Weeks - The Scale Lies

New with Baby:
Supposedly BabyGirl is now weighing in at about one pound and is closing in on that one foot mark! said she should be the size of a spaghetti squash! Now this is a vegetable comparison that I can wrap my mind around. Last week's carrot comparison didn't jive in my head.

New with Me:
I went to the doctor on Monday for my monthly check-up and the biggest news was that I have gained a lot of weight. According to them I've gained about 20lbs. I had originally lost weight and so this is not from pre-pregnancy weight. But you know I have always had a hate-hate relationship with the scales at the doctor's office. You're wearing all these heavy clothes and are coming in at different times of the day....things are going to be off! According to my scale at home I am at about a 14lb weight gain. Much more manageable to my sensibilities. I have to admit that when I was talking to the doctor about my weight gain I was on the verge of tears. I am somewhat concerned with being a big ol' fatty - haha. I have promised myself that I will be more responsible when it comes to eating...I got in a bad habit at the beginning of the pregnancy to eat whatever I want and I wasn't gaining weight. Well that game has run its course. I did some emotional eating last week and I promise myself I won't eat that bad again...close but not that bad.

BabyGirl has to be moving some furniture around in there at times. I swear she is so active sometimes I can hardly believe it. Yesterday morning before I went out for my run, I got back into bed as I snoozed my alarm. As I was hugging up against Rick, he could feel BabyGirl doing karate chops at his lower back. I love laying in bed and feeling her move. Its one of the coolest things ever.

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: BodyPump and 20 minutes on the elliptical
Friday: Ran around the neighborhood for 30 minutes - not so great - followed a dinner of pizza and ice cream. this could have had something to do with it.
Saturday: Horrible, horrible run - I was uncomfortable at first and when that went away I had to pee so bad...I had to stop at the Starbucks to use the restroom before I got home. Grumpy girl.
Sunday: nothing
Monday: BodyPump and 20 minutes of swimming
Tuesday: Run 4 miles with Murphy - this went much MUCH better...mind over matter!
Wednesday: You couldn't have paid me enough to get out of bed to work out this morning (aka - dramatic way of saying I did nothing)


  • I have been so busy this week with orders for my stationery business! Its been great and I really appreciate the business. I am trying to balance work and school and sleep and this side business. I wish work didn't get in the way so much! haha
  • I've been enjoying my internship. They have been keeping me busy this week. I really do enjoy that type of work. I don't know what my work situation will be PB (post-baby) but I sure hope that I will be able to have a design career in any way shape or form.
  • My sis-in-law, Mary, just sent a few more maternity clothes home with my parents-in-law and in the bag there were two Bella Bands - hooray! For those not in the know, a Bella Band will help keep pants that won't button from falling down. They act as a litle compression device and keeps those pants in place! I am wearing one now for the first time and I am pleasantly surprised at how it does masks the fact that you have an "open fly" and how well it works at keeping things right where they should be. Love them!

Nursery Update:

I think I have picked out a crib! (I think) This has been a very hard decision to make. Really I just want a crib that won't maim my daughter in any way shape or form. Oh and it should be white. Safe and that so hard? Well there are a million options that fall into those two categories. What are the differences? Sometimes I can't tell.

Friends recommended the Baby Bargains book to help make baby gear decisions and - phew - what a LOT of information that book has! It both helped and also gave me wayyy too much to think about. It goes through every brand (be it a stroller or a crib or a diaper pail even!) and gives reviews and assigns them a letter grade. There's no way my baby is going in a crib that got a C!!

So after going through that book and researching online I decided on a DaVinci crib from Babies R' Us. It was nice looking, it was white, it got good reviews from the book and online. Sold...but then doing some MORE research I found this crib made by BabyMod on of all places!:

Hmmmm this looks like the same thing! Well as Baby Bargains points out - BabyMod and DaVinci are both made by a company called Million Dollar Baby. I compared all of the facts and found that there is NO difference in these two cribs except for the price tag - the BabyMod one is $100 less! It also topped's list of Best Cribs under $250. To add to the list of the benefits of this crib, it is also not as wide as some other cribs. We only have so much space to put the crib in and this crib is about 4-5" narrower than others. Another hooray.

The only thing I am not crazy crazy about is that you can see those black marks where the hardware is showing. I think I will get over it though.

Questions for experienced parents...should I buy the toddler bed conversion kit? We are keeping the queen bed BabyGirl's room and some day it will be her bed so could I move her from the crib right to the queen bed? Or should I keep her in the crib turned toddler bed? Will I be mad later that I don't have the conversion kit?

Okay that was too much information I think...I will be posting more info/pictures about BabyGirl's room soon!


  1. WOW! that is a lot of information about baby furniture!
    good luck!

  2. You don't need to buy the conversion kit. She will be fine to go from crib to the queen bed.She will look tiny in that big bed, but she will be fine.