Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello Twenty-Ten!

I don't believe I made any 2009 New Years Resolutions. I guess I wanted to compete in a couple of triathlons - DONE, and get pregnant - DONE, run a marathon - not quite and make it through a school year alive - DONE but barely.

I thought I would take this chance to put down some resolutions for this big momentous year. We'll see how they pan out!

A to do list for Twenty-Ten:
+ Organize my design area
+ Decorate a nursery
+ Get rid of a lot more stuff
+ Go to church more regularly - and remember those collection envelopes so I can PROVE that I went!
+ Go hiking in the NC mountains (or closer by – anywhere!)
+ Finish my Graphic Design degree
+ Take a BabyMoon
+ Have a baby
+ Make it through the first six months of parenting without making any major mistakes that would permanently scar our daughter for life
+ Get a job
+ Do a triathlon in the fall
+ Try for a half marathon by the end of the year
+ Celebrate 4 years married
+ Grow a year older (and wiser)
+ Design more invitations
+ And more...

Wish me luck! Some of these are going to happen whether I like it or not! School and my internship at Tribble Creative Group start next Monday, January 11th. Its going to be a busy semester! But I will be done in May which will free me up to do some other things...oh like have a baby.

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