Wednesday, February 3, 2010

23 Weeks - What? Me? Crabby? Nooooo

Week 23 Belly Shot

New with Baby:
Just fattening up and growing in length!'s comparison of the week is a mango! yum!

New with me:
Besides feeling tired most of the time, I am in general just feeling large and in charge which is scary since I have 17 more weeks to get larger! But these bullet points from's Pregnancy Calendar for the 23rd week, just cracks me and is very appropriate...
  • "OMG, you're so big! Are you sure it's not twins?" (yes i have gotten this one a couple of times already!)
  • SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Thank you. No woman is ever going to appreciate your boneheaded commentary on her size and/or weight.

Crabby? I really try not to be but emotional/moody/hormonal/tired Becky sneaks out from time to time. I've got a lot of my plate right now with school, work, internship, side business, coordinating weddings and sometimes it gets the best of me. Good thing I generally love it all. Great thing I have a very understanding and (most of the time) patient husband. Thanks Rick!

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: Run 4 miles with Murphy
Saturday: Swim 30 minutes
Sunday: Nothing - too icy from our big storm - and I had one million wedding invitations to put together
Monday: Still icy - and I still had at least half a million wedding invitations to put together - Murphy and I took a 40 minute walk later that afternoon
Tuesday: Run 4 miles with Murphy - not so bad
Wednesday: Swim 30 minutes


  • Ordered the crib on Saturday and we received the big ol' box today! This is a gift from Rick's parents - Fred & Donna - thanks guys !!

  • Finished painting the furniture in the nursery!
  • Trying to figure out which car seat to get CONFUSING! There are a million brands and varieties. I want one that will keep BabyGirl that so hard? Why do I need so many choices.
  • Same goes with bottles...I guess they're all made differently. There are so many options. The big thing now is to get the BPA free ones. Okay that's easy...but there are STILL a million options after that. I think I will register for a few different ones and see which ones BabyGirl likes the best. I will definitely be trying to breastfeed but I know that there will be times that the bottle will be necessary. Do you know how many bottle accessories there are out there? Most seem useless but I'm tempted to buy them anyways. This parenthood thing is a scary want to be prepared! haha

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