Wednesday, February 10, 2010

24 Weeks = 6 months = 4 months to Holy Cow!

my current obsession..vanilla creme cookies!

New with baby:
BabyGirl's main changes right now are still just gaining weight and length! She should be over a pound and around that one foot mark. They say her taste buds could have developed by now? Interesting. Her lungs are developing a lot and I hear that she is nearing the point of viability. That saying if we had to have her soon the doctors would be able to do more to help save her life and make her lungs work for her.

New with me:
Not much - loving dessert though. For some reason I am CRAZY for the Snackwells vanilla creme sandwiches! I have always liked them but now they call to me from the vending machines at school. On Monday I visited two different machines to find that they BOTH had the cookies in them but there were buried behind a couple of granola bars each! It was a very sad moment. I think because of my dessert fascination (besides other factors) strangers have started to ask me when I am due. So I guess I'm officially looking more than just bloated!

Running and Exercise:

Thursday: BodyPump and 20 min on the elliptical
Friday: Run 4 miles with Murph
Saturday: Run 5 miles with Murph
Sunday: Run 4.5 miles with Murph, April and Brooke. (now I am realizing why my legs were so sore Sunday evening - haven't run three days in a row in awhile!) It was good to run with some friends again. Everybody's schedules have changed and our old running routines are no longer convenient for them. After being used to seeing my friends a few times a week its been strange to only seem them once every week or two weeks!
Monday: Prenatal Yoga DVD - pretty good stuff. First time I tried I have tried this particular DVD and Murphy was very good about not giving me kisses in the downward dog position. This had been my experience every other time I've tried to do a workout at home. Murphy thinks that if I am on the floor then I am there for him.
Tuesday: Cycle class and a failed attempt at a class called "Total Strength". I think it should have been called "Mostly Cardio" not what I was looking for. But the cycle class was good and I think I will be going back to it.
Wednesday: It was so cold outside that I hid in bed instead of running

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