Wednesday, February 17, 2010

25 Weeks - Sick and Busy

New with the baby:
They say that BabyGirl should be measuring about 13.5 inches by now and about a pound and a half in weight. Her main focus from now until birth is gaining weight and working on those lungs! Fruit/vegetable comparison this week - a rutabaga! That word is just fun to say!
New with me:
Well I got a cold last week. Came on about Thursday. Such a bummer. I had to take the full day off of school on Friday...sitting through 10 hours of class sounded like torture. My classmates would not have liked to hear me blowing my nose every few minutes either. This cold didn't last as long as the one in November so for that I was grateful. I am still not 100% but I would say close to it. The real big bummer is this time I got a beauuuuutiful cold sore right front and center on my upper lip. Nice. I think I must have had a fever or something with this one to cause that.
Running & Exercise:
Thursday: 10 minutes on the elliptical and BodyPump
Friday: SICK! Didn't do anything
Saturday: Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes - felt good to move the legs
Sunday: Walked/Ran 3 miles with Murphy
Monday: Slept in - still trying to recover
Tuesday: Cycle class and some lifting
Wednesday: Ran 4 miles with Murphy....its getting hard!
Fun, fun stuff this week:
  • We got the crib put together on Thursday! I sat on the bed and watched as Rick assembled the crib. I held a piece here or there.

Rick and Murphy workin' on the crib

  • Friday night we went out in the SNOW to get a mattress from Buy Buy Baby. The store associate there was so nice and helpful. He made me totally forget why I had picked out the original mattress we had gone there to get and steered us towards a more expensive mattress (of course). But I liked all of his reasons and according to him multiple Kobsik babies can sleep on this mattress for many years. The mattress I picked out would not have been as durable.
  • So yes we had snow again on Friday night - twice in a couple of weeks! Crazy times in Charlotte! We got maybe three inches this time? It was actually quite pretty...our drive to the gym on Saturday morning was beautiful and then the sun came out and melted it all away. Perfect!
  • This past weekend was Rick's alumni baseball weekend at Winthrop University. The golf outing was cancelled on Saturday because of the snow (two years ago at the last alumni weekend Rick and his friends played golf in shorts...and yes it was in early February too!). Saturday night they had a casual dinner gathering at the field and then Sunday there was an alumni baseball game.

  • Sunday night Rick and I went to go see the movie, Avatar, in 3D! Soooo good! The story is very vanilla but thats not what you are going to see the movie for. Its the special effects! 3D was awesome too. The plant life and terrain of this supposed planet, Pandora, was just amazing. I hear the movie has been in the works for years and years but they had to wait for technology to catch up with movie before they could finish it.

    Rick is stylin' in his 3D glasses!

  • Tuesday night, we went to watch the Charlotte Bobcats play the New Jersey Nets. Actually the Bobcats really didn't show up to play it seems. The Nets have THE worst record in the NBA but it looked like the reverse last night. The Bobcats were struggling and the Nets couldn't seem to miss a basket! Its disappointing because the Bobcats have actually been doing quite well this year. Oh well...the tickets were free for "college night". They were in the upper level but with how well they are building the arenas these days, the tickets were actually pretty good!

view from the cheap seats

Whew! What a week...I can't seem to keep up with all of the stuff I need to get done. I just keep on plugging away at it though!

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  1. Impressive win for New Jersey! Charlotte is fairly strong at home, but the Nets were better in this game. Maybe the win will give the Nets more confidence as they try to make something positive out of what has been a disastrous season.