Tuesday, February 23, 2010

26 Weeks - Less than 100 days now

We made it through a very fun milestone, we passed 100 days until the due date on Sunday. Oooh now we are in double digits!

Its hard to believe right now that BabyGirl will ever be here. It feels like I have been pregnant forever and that I will always have this baby bump. I know that in a year or so I will look back at these 10 months and wonder where the time went but right now its hard to comprehend that I am actually going to be a parent and that I am actually going to be 100% responsible for another human. Murphy has been good practice but we can leave him at home with a gate up whenever we leave or want to go out to dinner. I think child services might have something to say if we tried the same with BabyGirl. I am both excited and scared out of my mind about my impending motherhood.

New with the baby:
Babycenter.com says that BabyGirl should be able to hear our voices now. Our fruit/vegetable comparison for this week is an english hothouse cucumber?! Very strange. They really had to scramble around for comparisons. An average baby right about now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches.

New with me:

Not much! I went to the doctor on Monday and everything was measuring good - protein, iron, heart rate -both mine and the baby's. Hers was at 142. It was funny as the nurse ran the doppler machine over my belly and it was making the loud noises, BabyGirl would punch up at the wand. The nurse kept laughing as my belly made waves. Also my weight was up only 1lb from the last measurement they took so I am hanging around 20lbs gained. Which is right in the average range according to this calculator. So I made my appointment with the doctor for my glucose screening on March 8th. I hope I pass!

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: BodyPump & 20 minutes elliptical
Friday: nothin
Saturday: Run 5 miles with Tara, Annie, Meredith and Murphy. It is so much easier to run with friends than it is to run alone. While running alone I get into my own head a lot more and it just feels harder and I walk a lot more. When I was running with my friends, I was surprised at how much better I felt at the end...felt like I could have gone a bit further even!
Sunday: Run 4 miles with Murphy
Monday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and BodyPump
Tuesday: Cycle class and Prenatal Yoga DVD (Murphy looks so tortured when I do the DVD...I'm on the floor and he can't lick me?! not fair!)
Wednesday: Run 4 miles with Murphy - hmmm I might have to say I jogged/walked this one. Happy that I got out though

  • On Sunday, I helped hostess a shower for my friend, Stephanie, who is due in April. I will post more details about it here but in the meantime you can go see her blog and what she wrote about it. It was such a nice day and she has such nice friends. I was happy that I could help do that for her.
  • On Saturday, I went errand running with my friend Shannon who was the main planner for Stephanie's shower. We went all over the place for about three hours. By the end of those three hours she was asking me where I wanted to go eat dinner or what I wanted to do next and I had to say - I'm tired and I have to go home now. Haha. I have never felt that tired before. Except maybe after a marathon - actually this felt very similar. I got home and my legs were just throbbing. This is how many women have described feeling during pregnancy but I had never been there before. I guess I do have my limits.
  • Tuesday, I got to catch up with my friend Kelli who is also pregnant and due in June! We went to a Junior League event and then caught a bite to eat. It was good to chat about how we're feeling, how things are different now and how much we like to eat - ha! She looks great!

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