Monday, February 8, 2010

Nursery Sneak Peek

So we have been working on the nursery little by little...its coming along and I thought I would share some of the details that we've been working on. First off you've gotta show the before pics.
This is how the room looked before we started to transform it into BabyGirl's room:

Our guest bedroom had the furniture and furnishings that I had since I graduated from most of these things had been with me for about nine years! Actually the furniture was bought for me by my parents when I was a sophomore in high school when we moved from New York to Indiana. They wanted something that would last me a long time. Little did they know that the furniture would be moved by me to nine different homes/apartments and four different states over that time! If you got close, you could see the effects from all that moving...the knicks and scrapes showed its 'worldliness'.

The bedding which I still liked (Rick was admittedly not a fan of the big purple flowers) has been packed up and donated to the Junior League. We then painted the walls light blue. I've always had a thing for blue. I knew either way - boy or girl - I would want blue walls. Its actually called Lakeside Mist by Behr..

After the paint was on the walls we started to paint my old furniture. Rick spent a long afternoon on our front porch sanding down the three pieces of furniture. The one long dresser has drawers that don't come out. Believe me we've tried. We tried looking for a tab, we tried every little trick that people told us to try. For some reason those stupid drawers wouldn't come out! It made sanding and painting an adventure...

We then had to prime and paint the furniture. What a pain! That long dresser gave me a fit as I tried to get the paint into the tight areas in between the drawers. I was also not happy with just one coat of primer and one coat of white seemed like that brown wood was showing through everywhere on the furniture. Two coats and I was happy. To save some money, I decided to spray paint the old hardware instead of buying all new. A good coat of silver spray paint and they looked like new.

Another thing that I have gotten done was to find some crib bedding that has decided the color scheme of the nursery. Its a Pottery Barn kids pattern and I found it on Craigslist. Here are a couple of pictures from the listing:

Its more frou-frou than I thought I wanted to get but I love it and it fits right in with the blue walls. So here is my color scheme inspired by the bedding:

Blue, sage green and fuschia will be my "theme" instead of any other traditional theme like flowers or butterflies or or or. I feel like those themes quickly go over the top and you can potentially end up feeling like you are in a Babies R' Us ad. Not always a bad thing but not what I was looking for.

So finally here is one little sneak peek into the nursery. You can see the new white dresser (with the stubborn drawers) which will eventually double as a changing table. You may also see that the dresser is missing a knob! I think it was a casualty of the move from Ohio back to North Carolina in 2005. You can also see the blue walls and the beginning of the fuschia being brought into the room.

Murphy is unimpressed with all of it...


  1. I can totally picture your room in Indiana and the furniture in it! What a wonderful way to repurpose it! Lovin the blog!


  2. poor Murphy. He's in for a shock!

  3. I LOVE what you did with your old bedroom furniture. Beautiful update and so ecologically correct to repurpose! (smile)