Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow days!

Living in Charlotte, NC we don't see snow all that much and while it is an exciting event we all groan a bit too. It doesn't usually just snow...it brings ice and yuckiness to the streets. Charlotte doesn't have many plows. They salt/lime or whatever before the snow comes down but usually the snow sits on the streets and makes a big mess. That's what happened to us Friday night/Saturday morning. We got maybe two inches tops at our house - other parts of Charlotte got 4-5 inches. Instead of melting on Saturday, the day got colder and colder and so it hung around. On Sunday it froze again making driving a bit interesting. The ice was still around on the streets on Monday morning which delayed the opening of my internship so I didn't go in to see them at all and then my school cancelled all Monday classes. I had a snow/ice day!
Well here are some pictures from the "great snow" of January 2010!!


  1. I love it! 4"-5" is termed "crippling snow". We are getting the laziest snow showers here in Milwaukee. By the lake, it's not accumulating to very much...maybe a couple of inches.