Wednesday, March 3, 2010

27 Weeks - Entering the 3rd Trimester

Third trimester?! I can't decide if I want to celebrate or panic. I go in between the two emotions quite frequently.

New with the baby:

BabyGirl should be about 15 inches long and about 2lbs! says along the lines of teddy bear sized. That makes me smile. I can't wait to squeeze her! Her eyes should be able to open and close now. Also her lungs are immature but could survive outside the womb with medical care. Hooray for viability!

New with me:

This week has been hard. Up until now I had been pretty smug about how smoothly this whole pregnancy had been going. This past week showed me what it really could be like. Nothing is horrible yet but a few things going wrong and I was hating life on Friday and Saturday. Starting Thursday afternoon I felt like I had something stuck in my throat. This item was also making my stomach feel icky. This was all manageable though. Then Friday all day, that item came back and my stomach was so upset. I also started to feel very sore ribs. Like I had been tackled and I was bruised. I chalked the lodged item up to indigestion...but the ribs were a mystery until I got on the trusty Google. Turns out rib pain is a common side effect of pregnancy. Lovely. It could be BabyGirl kicking me or it could be just that things are getting moved around in there...its just something that I'll have to get used to. It is feeling much better now but there are twinges here and there when I take a deep breath. Saturday I went for a five mile run and at the end, a ligament in my leg was so painful that I could hardly walk! What did I do?! A lot of the books and articles I have read mention that while pregnant, my body is creating a hormone called Relaxin. Relaxin loosens joints and ligaments which make my body ready for labor but also makes me more susceptible to injury. Boooo. I rested a lot the rest of the day on Saturday and by Sunday I was feeling better.

woah baby! 27 weeks. Murphy had to join in on this picture!

Running & Exercise:

Thursday: BodyPump & 20 min elliptical
Friday: Run 4 miles with Murphy, Meredith and April - hooray for running friends!
Saturday: Run 5 miles with Murphy, Tara and her dog Annie. Felt pretty good but even better to be done...but then the dreaded ligament pain!
Sunday: I walked to the bar to meet our friends and back...that counts right?
Monday: Nothin' - was up to 1:30am the night before doing work and that doesn't inspire me for a 5:30am wake up call.
Tuesday: Cycle class - some things are really hard in cycle class with the belly in the way! Lifted upper body a bit and then walked Murph for over 20 minutes.
Wednesday: Tried to go for a run but my ligament pain was too great...Murphy and I ended up walking for 40 minutes. I refuse to think that this might be the end of my running!

Hospital Tour:
  • We went on the Expectant Parents tour of the hospital where we will be giving birth. We met our good friends Katie and Jarrett who are also expecting and due on June 28th. I have to admit that I thought it a bit surreal that I will actually be using the labor and delivery rooms that they showed us. They were actually a lot bigger than I thought they would be - but I guess a lot of people come in and out of those rooms. There is a TV and DVD player in every room. CD player, shower and a chair that turns into a bed for the "coach" as our tour guide said. She also showed us the nursery where there were a few babies then the post-partum rooms. My friend Tara, had given birth in November and I got to see her room then. She was in the corner of the building so was given some extra room - I wonder if I can request that room. Otherwise the other rooms were adequate. At the end of the tour, our guide said it wasn't part of the official tour but if we wanted to see the operating rooms then we could. Morbidly fascinated I followed her. The operating room looked like it does on the TV shows. Big and bright with lots of equipment. I wonder if I will be seeing it again in June.

*Running & Prengnacy: I liked this woman's account of running through pregnancy.

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