Thursday, March 11, 2010

28 Weeks - Tired, Just Tired

picture taken at my friend Shannon's bday party on Friday the 5th - notice my O'Douls!

New with the Baby:
Still about 15 inches but is up around 2.5 lbs. Supposedly she can blink her eyes which now have lashes. They also say that she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. Cool! BabyCenter's fruit/veggie comparison is a Chinese Cabbage! That's in weight I guess.
She has been super active the past few days. I swear she is doing some acrobatics in there. Before I got out of bed the other day, I laid on my back and I felt her shift around in there and could feel something round and large poking out of my belly! a butt? a head? :) That was really neat, I hadn't yet been able to feel her through my belly.

New with Me:
This may not surprise you but I am doing too much these days. School, work, internship, side business (which is going gangbusters!), coordinating weddings on the weekends, exercise, being social, growing a life in me -- I am pretty tired. I know that having a baby will in no way be a "break" but I almost see it as such. I will be able to let a couple of the balls I have in the air drop (i.e. work, school, internship) and I can focus on the few things that I am really excited about - family, friends and my own business. I know I'll be busy as all get out with the baby but joy of joys there won't be as many different things to worry about.
I am starting to feel the beginnings of a cold AGAIN. Do you think it could be because of what I just said above? Naahhhhhh! This has cut down on my exercising which also doesn't help with my mood.

Running & Exercise (sigh):
Thursday: 20 min elliptical and BodyPump
Friday: nothin
Saturday: Run 3 miles with Murphy, Tara and Annie - this felt better! But I was glad to be done at 3 miles.
Sunday: nothin
Monday: BodyPump and walk with Murphy for 30 minutes
Tuesday: Cycle class and walk with Murphy for 30 minutes
Wednesday: Walk with Murphy for 30 minutes

  • Went to my friend Shannon's bday gathering on Friday night! She had a great showing and it was great to catch up with some friends
  • Saturday - I had coordinated my first wedding since last November. It went really well! Then I had to go to work at Piper Glen and then met up with some friends for another bday celebration. We then went out to watch UNC get beat up by Duke in basketball which is never a good thing for many a Carolina fan. This year its not a surprise though.
  • We're headed off to Tybee Island which is right outside of Savannah, GA on Thursday for a long weekend. I don't have my regular class schedule this Friday so it was my one big chance for a getaway!

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