Thursday, March 25, 2010

30 Weeks - Only single digits left

growin', growin', growin'

Some big things have gone on this week so I thought I would start with those!

  • Monday - found out that I passed my three hour glucose test that I took last week! I was mostly sure that I had once I didn't get a call from them on Friday but just in case I ate all kinds of sweets this weekend!
  • Tuesday - had dinner with Marc & Chris. They wanted to treat us for my helping with their wedding invitations. They didn't need to do that but it was a nice perk to be able to hang out with them. We went to Liberty and had some amazing food...and I got to watch them have some amazing beers. I consoled my beer-less self with their awesome baked apple tart. Yum!
  • Wednesday - big thing! I put my two weeks in at Piper Glen where I have worked for almost five years! I have been so busy with my side business, rkDesigns, that I really feel the crunch with everything. Cutting one thing out of my busy week is going to really help. Also I want to make rkDesigns a more official business before BabyGirl comes along so that after she comes I can have a business that I can do from home. My last day at work will be April 8th. Now that I finally made the decision to make the separation from there, I almost wish it could be tomorrow!

New with baby:

BabyGirl should be approaching 16 inches and almost 3 pounds! I can tell she is definitely taking up more room in there. I can play the "what body part is this" game now. I can feel a hard round head or butt pushing out in different parts of my belly. I like rubbing it and feeling her push back at me. I know I'll miss these little movements when she is on the outside. It really is a pretty special feeling. Though sometimes she seems to stretch out the 'wrong' way and I'll have to do some bends to make her settle in a good way that feels better to me.

New with me:

Not much to report. I've gone running again and things are definitely not the same. There will be some very strong twinges in the ligaments that run from the belly area over the hip bones to the upper thighs. These will make me stop and walk a lot.

Exercise and Running:

Thursday: Ran to the post office and back - so about 25 minutes. This was the first time running in a long time and it went pretty well. Things are definitely feeling different now. I am sooo sloooow.

Friday: Nothin' - well we did have to walk really really fast through the airport to make our flight

Saturday: Run 30 minutes - this felt pretty darn good

Sunday: Nothin' - walk around the outlets?

Monday: Run 10 minutes and 20 minutes of biking

Tuesday: Took Murphy and his friend Rocco for a 50 minute walk

Wednesday: Run 3 miles very slowly - took me almost 36 minutes -not a record.

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