Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Nursery Art

My very very talented friend, Karen, has painted BabyGirl an amazing collage. Karen has always done some painting of murals etc for people's homes on the side and she offered to do some artwork for me. I gathered some inspiration for what I wanted from a few different photos that I saw online and Karen was able to create my vision on these canvases that I got from Hobby Lobby. It turned out so beautifully and she came over on Monday to hang them up. I am very impressed with how we (well it was mostly her, I supervised) put these canvases up with minor mistakes. Here they are!
measuring and lining up the canvases
the finished product over the bed!
the artiste with her work! she would like me to point out that she did not do her hair and was not ready for a photo shoot :)
Thank you, thank you Karen! It turned out so great and I am so excited to have them as part of my nursery!

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