Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nursery Project - A Mobile

I am VERY proud of my latest project for the nursery. I made BabyGirl a mobile for over the crib.

I bought a mobile that is intended to hold photos and I modified it by taking off the clips. I then made ten different pinwheels in two different sizes to hang off the different arms of the mobile. I had already hit up the Hobby Lobby for ten different patterns of scrapbooking paper. I cut those down to size and adhered them to each other so that when I bent the pinwheels into shape, the different patterns showed up nicely.

I actually ended up hanging the pinwheels from the mobile by embroidery thread. I think that's the first time I've used that thread - I am certainly not sewing on any buttons - just ask Rick!

We put a small hook in the ceiling and strung up some fishing line (that I made Rick run out and get ASAP!) to hang the mobile.

here it is hanging over the crib
closer inspection

extreme close-up!

I feel like quite the Martha Stewart with the successful completion of this project! I hope it doesn't self destruct or anything and lasts till BabyGirl is at least one!!

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