Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunburned in Florida

This past weekend Rick and I flew down to Fort Myers, FL where my parents live. We were the last of the visitors to arrive. My sister, Debbie, and her husband, Carsten, and their 5 month old son Maxx were there from Stockholm. Also already there was my brother, Gary, his wife, Renata, and their almost two year old, Lukas. They were in from Milwaukee, WI. Almost the whole family was together. My sister, LeeAnn, was unable to make it down. We missed her greatly.

We arrived Friday and stayed until Monday afternoon. It was a nice visit with everyone especially since it was my first time to meet Maxx! Lukas is also a lot more trouble than he used to be. At 22 months he is into EVERYTHING! He always has a smile on his face though. Whether crying or whining he's got that smile!

T-R-O-U-B-L-E in a cute package named Lukas!

Cool baby Maxx - Grandma is behind there somewhere

Maxx thinks Auntie Becky is the BEST

See - his shirt says so!

We went to a beach near my parents house on Saturday. The air was still pretty chilly though the sun felt great. With the cool air I didn't think much about sunscreen. Big mistake. I got so toasty on my chest, the tops of my legs and arms. Geez, what kind of mother will I be if I can't take care of myself?!
Debbie, Carsten and Maxx "lovin' the sun"

Grandma "walkin" Lukas
before burn - you can tell by the horrible glare off our white bodies! :)

building a sand castle for a very unimpressed Lukas

We played in my parents pool and we got to visit with my cousin, Deana, and her husband, Matt, and their kids Jacob and Abby. Later that night we even saw my great Aunt Mickey! It was quite the family affair.

Jacob, Abby and Deana with Lukas

Saturday night also, Debbie set up a mini baby shower for us! It was so cute how she decorated the table and the surroundings. She bought all the decorations in Sweden and took them all on the plane with her! My family's gift to Rick and I was the stroller that I had picked out. I have picked out the BOB Revolution jogging stroller. A little fact - the world record for pushing a stroller in a marathon was set with a BOB Revolution! To present us with the gift she bought a jogging dolly stroller and taped the BOB logo to the sides. I can't believe they make miniature jogging strollers! We had to leave the stroller at my parents but made them promise they would bring it up when they come to visit in May/June. We got very cute outfits from everybody and Debbie passed on some of Maxx's gender neutral outfits. BabyGirl is not going to go naked that is for sure!
The cute display
Look at those balloon babies!
cute, cute cute!
On Sunday we went to Club in my parents neighborhood for Sunday brunch. SOOOO good! The weather wasn't as great so we spent some money at the outlets down the street and just hung out with everybody.
The gang out in front of Kelly Greens clubhouse after brunch

Monday was of course better for weather because Rick and I were leaving. We went over to Sanibel Island and had lunch at a very cute place called Gramma Dot's. Its in a marina and their seafood was great. Oh and their key lime pie was pretty darn great too! We spent some time walking on the beach and got quite the dolphin show. There were groups of two or more of them swimming about 10 feet from the shore. I tried taking pictures but really just took a bunch of pictures of the water before I realized that I should just watch the real thing.

drivin' Dad's 'vette over to Sanibel

outside of Gramma Dot's

Sanibel Beach and Lighthouse

look at those sun lovers!

We had to leave right after that. I made sure that I took a picture with Renata before I left. Our baby girls are due six weeks apart from each other. She'll probably have a scheduled c-section before her due date and I'm sure that my baby girl will feel nice and cozy in there for a couple of weeks post my due date. They'll probably end up with birth dates that are pretty darn close!

Renata and I sportin' the baby girl bellys

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