Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too Cool - Spell Your Name on Flickr

IMG_5608_4 McElman_091012_4117_02 letter B Y
letter G IMG_5693_4 letter R IMG_5695_2

I just ran across a link to this Spell with Flickr tool on a website that I frequent. Its too cool because if you come up with a letter you don't like, then you click on it and another option shows up! I had been thinking about doing something like this on my own - going around Charlotte and taking pictures of the letters that make up the (multiple) names that we have in the running for BabyGirl. This seems a whole heckuva lot easier! Though doing the work myself would mean more in the long run wouldn't it. In the mean time it has been fun to spell everybody's name in our family and see all the different letters!

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