Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week 29 - Ugh, Sugar

Ugh I am writing this as I sit in the waiting room for the lab where I am taking my 3 hour glucose test. I found this VERY thorough explanation of the different tests and why we take them and a breakdown of the numbers. This time they had me drink twice as much of the sugary drink as last time. So a whole 10oz this time. It does not get better the more you drink. The last time I thought it was okay at 5oz. Near the 7oz mark, I was NOT liking it. I have to tell you that twenty minutes after I finished the drink, I feel like I am going to ralph. (sigh) This is all worth it right?! BabyGirl is going crazy in there...she must like the sugar.

Anyways...on to the funner stuff...

New with the baby:
According to I have a butternut squash in my belly! She should be about 2.5lbs and a little over 15 inches. Her lungs continue to develop and so do her bones. She is extremely active in there. Sunday night as we were trying to fall asleep, she did her acrobatic routine for a good 40 minutes! It was comedic.

New with me:
I've been getting a lot of "woah" comments when people catch sight of the belly. Yes, thank you. I know I'm large - I think that's what happens at 29 weeks. I don't need to hear comments about how my baby is going to be a big one ...and "geez, how much longer do you have?". (sigh) I've been sick with my cold/sinus infection and got antibiotics from my general practicioner on Tuesday. I cannot have this sinus pressure ANY MORE! It feels like I have been punched in the face. I've never had it this bad before. I've been reacquainted with my good friend the neti pot. Man that thing is weird, but great. I haven't been working out much since the weekend and have been using all my extra time to try to sleep. Try being the operative word.

Excercise (a whole week of no running - very strange):
Thursday: nothing
Friday: Walk for hours and hours around Savannah
Saturday: Bike for hours and hours around Tybee
Sunday: nothing
Monday: BodyPump
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: Walk for 30 minutes with murph

Had dinner with my friends Stephanie (due end of March) and Katie (due end of June) on Monday. I guess you could call it Pregnant Ladies' Night Out! It was good to catch up and talk baby stuff. Here we are:

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