Monday, March 8, 2010

What a failure!

This morning I went in for my one hour glucose test. This is actually a screen for Gestational Diabetes. I showed up at my doctor's office for my 8:30am appointment and they took me back for the regular weight check (eh, it was alright), pee in a cup and my blood pressure (very good). I met with the nurse practicioner and we listened to the baby's heartbeat. She was holding strong at 145bpm. I don't think BabyGirl likes the noise of the monitor. The last couple of times, she has kicked up at the wand. Its pretty funny. The nurse practicioner also measured my fundal height and I was measuring right on track. She tried poking around to see if BabyGirl was head down yet and she couldn't tell yet.

a picture I found online of the exact drink I had today!

They gave me about 6oz of this very sugary drink. It tasted like a melted orange flavored popsicle to me. Then I had to go and wait for an hour in the waiting room outside the lab for an hour or so. There were two other women in the waiting room who were there for the three hour test - meaning they had failed the one hour test. I knew one of them from the Junior League and we talked. I kept thinking - please don't let me fail this test! Well....when I got back there, they took my blood and put a bit of it into one of those little blood sugar monitors. The nurse there told me that they were looking for a level of 135 or less. The monitor went around and around and came back with a 148!!! Wah!

I felt like I was in trouble at school and being sent to the principal's office. I had to schedule the three hour test for next week - Thursday the 18th was the best day for me. I then had to report back to my doctor's office. I got called back and met with the nurse practicioner again. She just gave me the instructions for how to get ready for the next test. Sounds like getting ready for it is similar to getting ready for a marathon - major carbo loading! Now this is something I can get behind. Supposedly they want me to flood my system with glucose for the three days before the test and then fast twelve hours before the test. Interesting.

So really I don't feel like a failure. However, I am majorly bummed that I have to take the three hour test. Three hours?! What am I going to do for three hours?! I read today that 15% of women will fail the one hour test and of that 15%, only 15% actually have Gestational Diabetes. If I do happen to have GD, then I know it will be fine. They put women on special diets to control the diabetes and hopefully keep the symptoms away from the baby. Sometimes medicine is necessary to help maintain proper blood sugar levels. Well if I have to go on a special diet then it will help with keeping that extra pregnancy weight off towards the end. See! A silver lining!

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