Thursday, April 29, 2010

Party for Marc & Chris

We had a party for Marc & Chris who are getting married on May 8th at our house on Saturday, April 24th. Both Marc and Chris are in college athletics so we thought it would be fun to have a basketball theme. We did up the basketball decorations and asked everybody to wear their favorite team's colors. It was a great time. Everything worked out well except for the rain - we were supposed to be outside on the deck! Oh well. Here are some of the pictures from the party!

invitation - the scoreboard time shows their wedding date, the score is the date of the party and where the fouls go hold the initials of Marc and Chris

welcome sign

the guests of honor

custom koozies to match the invite

yummy cake with deadly blue icing - out to stain everything it touches especially your teeth!


Fred, Mike, Kristy and Scott

ugh I hate these pics of me - do your hair lady! get a shirt that fits! :)
Fred, Grace, Donna and Keith

me, Chris, Julie and Kristy (due in September)

Murphy was there too

Marc & Greg

Chris & Julie

Grace, Chris and Marc

Chris Healy, Rick and Marc
John with the high school soccer jersey on - nice

GIFTS! posing with their new wine to go in their new wine glasses

with Greg's very thought out gift - took at least a minute!
beach bag full of goodies for the honeymoon
Kristy and John watchin' the gift opening
Scott and Rick
Kelly describing her gift
blue teeth anyone? it was worth the stained teeth - so good!
The boys - Marc, Mike, Scott, Chris, John, Rick and Greg

Gettin' Big!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

35 Weeks

35 week bumpity bump

35 weeks - wow! Only two weeks away to the time where BabyGirl can be considered full term. I'm not ready! I have so many things I need/want to do! I have things to organize, things to wash, things to clean and things to decorate! Not to mention trying to get my business going more - which I haven't had a chance to do yet. (sigh)

It was another busy week - though I can definitely feel it slowing down every week. I had a wedding to coordinate on Saturday and then that evening we hosted a couples wedding shower for our friends Marc & Chris who will be married in two weeks! It was a long and very awesome day.

34 Week Doctor Checkup:
On Thursday, Rick and I went to the doctor. Everything checked out great. My weight actually stayed the same as the the previous appointment (yay). BabyGirl's heartbeat was at 135...still in the healthy range. I get mildly concerned that it has been going down each time we've been to the doctor but they tell me that it is very common for that to happen. Getting ready to come into the real world. I am measuring right on track for my due date.
I talked to the doctor about my fear of having a big baby. What he said actually made me feel a lot better and took away a lot of my anxiety. What will be, will be. There is no way to fully determine how big the "passenger" is - and no way to know how big the "passage" is. We'll find out on D-Day. If I can do it, then I can do it...if not, then there are other ways to get the baby out.

I will go to the doctor again in a week and a half - supposed to be two weeks, but I wanted to see my regular doctor, Dr. Lucas. He is seeing patients on Monday, May 3rd so that's when I am going in again. After this appointment, I will go to the doctor every week.

New with the baby:
Things are getting tight in there. She is taking up more and more room. She should be about 18 inches and about 5.25lbs - like a honeydew melon they say. Just because she doesn't have as much room, doesn't mean she is moving around any less. She is still getting her punches in for sure.

New with me:
I am getting up once every night now to have to go to the bathroom. I have been able to go back to sleep so hopefully last week's sleeping problems will stay away. Though with the weather getting warmer and warmer, I can see my peaceful sleeping getting harder and harder. I've made a few doctor's appointments. Went to go see the dermatologist. With all the increased blood flow a pregnant woman's skin can change. Since I hadn't had the skin checked out in quite a few years, I thought this would be a good time to get it looked at. Everything turned out fine. They did take a biopsy of a spot on my upper right thigh. Boy is that an uncomfortable place to have a wound - especially pregnant! It made situating myself to go to sleep even more difficult and sometimes the seatbelt would rub against it. Just not a fun place. I also am going to the podiatrist tomorrow. I was having some pain in my left arch - as soon as I made the appointment, it seemed to go away - of course. At least I might get some new orthotics out of it!

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: slept in
Saturday: run/walk 3plus miles with Rick and Murphy. Yes, I said Rick! this is the second time I have gotten him to come out running with me - I get so excited when he actually says he'll run with me. We used to run a lot together when we first I know that was just a show :)
Sunday: walk for 45 minutes with Rick and Murphy - two days in a row Rick has come out with me! Murphy and I were so happy.
Monday: BodyPump and prenatal yoga
Tuesday: slept in
Wednesday: Run/walk 3 miles with Murphy - it was hard this morning

In other news, it is definitely spring in Charlotte! I planted some flowers over the past couple of weeks and our clemantis, roses and azaleas are all a bloomin'! If our grass would just cooperate, our backyard looks great! You can also see the new color on the fence. Rick stained it that brick red a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun on Facebook

I uploaded the latest preggo pic montage on Facebook on Monday and I had a lot of fun getting responses from people! I also wonder if BabyGirl will see this later in life and wonder what the heck Facebook is! When will Facebook go the way of the VHS tape? :)

Happy Birthday Rick!

Rick - 1975

Happy 35th Birthday to the best husband I could have ever asked for. It just keeps getting better! I'm looking forward to starting our next big adventure together!

34 Weeks - Busy Bee

Phew, this has been quite the week! Last week was my first official week off from working at Piper Glen. I really thought I would magically have all this extra time to work on things and I really didn't. I think I had more to do last week than ever before with rkDesigns. It has also spilled into this week as I prepare to deliver three different wedding invitations and a few other sets of invitation orders. I also had two weddings to coordinate at my church on Saturday. That kept me pretty busy on Friday and Saturday.

posing with our certificate of completion!

Rick and I also took a couple of baby classes from our hospital. We took a childbirth class and a taking care of baby class. I'm really glad we took those classes. We could have read about all of that information but it was really helpful to hear the important details direct from a nurse who has worked in labor and delivery for many years. It was good to be able to ask questions and hear stories. The real learning will be on the job training but I feel a bit more informed about what is to come with childbirth etc.

New with baby: says that BabyGirl should weigh about 4.75lbs - like a cantaloupe - and should measure about 18 inches long. She should be gaining more fat than length these days. The lungs are continuing to mature and in fact if she had to be born preterm (or before 37 weeks), she would have to have a longer stay in the hospital but in the long run she would be just as fine as a full-term baby. That makes me feel better! As long as she doesn't want to stay much longer than 40 weeks in there!

New with me:
Sleeping has become more interesting. I have no trouble falling asleep as I am usually EXHAUSTED by the time I get into bed. However, I will inevitably have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Its after that trip to the bathroom that I'll have trouble getting situated again and have to keep myself from thinking about all the things on my to-do list. With everything else though, I am feeling pretty darn good lately (knock on wood). The indigestion is very infrequent these days and aches and pains are minimal.

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: Run/walk three miles with Murphy
Saturday: Walk 30-40 minutes with Murphy - also I probably walked at least 2 miles per wedding!
Sunday: Run 5 miles with Tara, Annie, Meredith and Murph-Dogg!!! This was done probably longer and faster than I should have done. But it felt pretty darn good when I was doing it - except for the hills which we mostly walked up. I love having company on my runs.
Monday: Walk 30 minutes with Murph
Tuesday: Walk 50 minutes with Murph
Wednesday: nothing yet - I was too tired from stressing out this morning

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

33 Weeks - 7 weeks doesn't sound like a lot

33 week bump

New with baby:
BabyGirl should be over 4lbs and 17inches. BabyCenter has a fun fruit comparison this week - I've got a pineapple in there! She's just a growin' and a movin' in there. She has a fun trick of poking something very sharp right into my bladder. It makes me week in the knees sometimes.

New with me:
At times, especially at night, I feel huge - do I look huge? No, no, don't answer that! So I've been going to pre-natal yoga each Monday at the YMCA. Before class starts we go around and introduce ourselves and say how many weeks we are and if we have any concerns. Its hard not to compare myself and my belly to the others in class. I feel like I am so much bigger than those women even weeks ahead of me. Does that mean I have a big baby growing in there? Probably. Sleeping has gotten somewhat uncomfortable in the past week. Sunday night I fell asleep early but then woke up at 1am very hot and uncomfortable and then was unable to go back to sleep. There was some dozing done in between 5am and 7am but that night was long. The nights since then I have woken up in the middle of the night feeling very sore in the hip that I am laying on. Last night I tried the pillow in between the legs and I think that did help quite a bit. I might have to add another one here soon to hug and put under the belly. Otherwise I feel great. Hardly any complaints.

Running and exercise:
Thursday: swim 25 minutes (went good!) and BodyPump (ooh this is getting very hard)
Friday: run 3 miles - walked a couple of times
Saturday: walk 50 minutes with Murphy and swim 30 minutes
Sunday: walk for an hour with Murph
Monday: recumbant bike for 10 minutes (learned that this is not a good apparatus for somebody with a large belly) and elliptical for 20 minutes and then prenatal yoga
Tuesday: run 3 miles with only one walk break!
Wednesday: walk 50 minutes with Murph-dogg

Other highlights from the week (give or take a few days):
  • We hosted a belated 30th birthday party for our friend, April. We had amazing weather for a cook-out on our deck. Here's April sportin' the 30th bday gear!

  • Over the weekend, we went over to the house of our friends, Brooke & Brian, for another cookout. It was delicious. Murphy had a couple of his friends there to play with - the brown dog club. Brooke & Brian both went to Indiana University (great people!) and they pulled out the Sink the Biz bucket and we taught everybody how to play. I just got to watch but it is probably for the best!

left to right is Murphy, Murph and Rocco.

Rick has played before but still isn't very good

Showered with Love

This past Saturday, April 10th was my baby shower! It was a beautiful day in Charlotte and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon. My friends Meredith, Shannon and Tara organized the shindig for me and did a fantastic job with all the details, food and decorating. It was fun to be surrounded by so many friends. I felt very special and so very loved.

the venue for the shower

the hostesses with the mostesses - Shannon, Meredith and Tara

some of the pretty decorations
Kelli and Stephanie
Meredith, Brooke and Keri
Stephanie, me and Shannon

my in-laws - Mary and Donna

I opened some very thoughtful gifts while everybody played a game of baby bingo. I definitely ooo'd and awwwww'd over them all. My niece, Lilly, was so helpful while she brought me gifts and then pointed out what she owned already from each package! My friends must have good taste if Lilly has them already!

surrounded by gifts!

Lilly trying out the fancy lemonade - two hands!

Lilly telling me about the gift
My friends were asked to bring a signed book instead of bringing a card. I loved this idea! BabyGirl had a bookcase that was empty except for three books. She now has a good collection of books that were picked out especially for her by my friends. Rick's sister, Mary, also brought some books that were Rick's when he was younger. It was fun to open them up and see where he wrote "Ricky D. Kobsik" or something close to that, on the inside pages.

some of Rick's books

me and some of the new books
BabyGirl got a LOT of clothes! This girl is going to be quite the fashion plate this summer with a different outfit for every hour of the week...and from what I hear about newborns, we'll need it!

Norah is telling me how many clothes I will need for her new friend
Kind of funny to me was my reaction to some of the more "practical" gifts such as Baby Tylenol, mini nail clippers and bottles etc etc. The little anxious "pre-race" feelings (see my post last week about pregnancy and marathons) came back to me. I actually have to use these things on another human being?! Oh my goodness! Its a little scary but very exciting.
Meredith knitted BabyGirl a blanket! Such talented friends!

They were also asked to write a little note of advice. Shannon then put the notes into a photo album for me to keep. It is fun to read through them all.

writing out notes
Thank you to everyone for coming - friends both old and new. It was a great reminder of how blessed I am in life. It is a day I won't forget.

Chris and Julie

Tara, Jen, me and Chris

Kari and Karen

Tara and her daughter Norah

my smallest guests
with the Moeller girls

So the next morning, Rick and I made breakfast and sipped coffee while I modeled all of the new clothes and gear that BabyGirl was given. It was so fun to go through the bags again and look at all the loot! Fantastic! Now I just need to find a spot to put them all!

cute little outfit for BabyGirl -
will have to take lots of pictures of her wearing this so that she remembers when she is older how much she loves me :)
wooohoo, the loot!
BabyGirl's bookcase is starting to fill up!
Murphy doesn't understand all the commotion