Wednesday, April 7, 2010

32 weeks - This is getting real!

32 week check up:
We went to the doctor Monday for a regular check up. It was kind of a bummer because we were there for an hour and probably of that hour, 50 minutes of it was spent waiting. Lovely. Everything checked out great. BabyGirl's heartbeat was measuring at 130. I thought that was a a lot lower than before so I asked. The doctor that we finally saw, Dr. Jain, said that it is normal for a baby's heartbeat to slow as it gets closer to the due date. As long as its somewhere between 120 and 170 its alright. My fundal height was measuring right on target for 32 weeks and Dr. Jain said that BabyGirl was head down. I guess she still has an opportunity to flip around but it is a good sign that she is now head down. They also gave me a card with a checklist of what to do when I go into labor. Wow! That means its close. I'm not really sure what I've done with that card now. Figures. I start going to the doctor every two weeks now. I go back on the 22nd, the day after Rick's birthday!

New with the baby:
By now BabyGirl should weigh about 3.75 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long, (she should be getting crowded in there!) BabyCenter says that I should be gaining about a pound a week and roughly half of that goes right to BabyGirl. In fact, she'll gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks as she fattens up for survival outside the womb. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair.

New with me:
Everything is starting to get harder and harder. My BodyPump class is getting really tough. Getting up from sitting sometimes is hard. Lifting, bending and especially going up the stairs are getting tougher. Not too bad yet but enough to be a bit frustrating. I know what I was able to do before and not having that full potential is tough mentally sometimes.

I have started to waddle here and there! haha Its mostly when I go from sitting to standing. The ligaments that go over the front of my hips are either real tight or sore. When I get going they loosen up a bit and I can walk normal...but sometimes I don't want to. It kind of feels good to sway back and forth!

Labor & Delivery = Running a Marathon?:
I've started to read more and more about labor and delivery. I have a bit of anxiousness with this. I think its because of the unknown. I am not really scared but just some nerves. I kind of feel like this before marathons. I've done all the training but who knows how that particular day is going to go. Will I feel good or will I have problems? I feel like there are so many parallels that can be drawn between marathon running and pregnancy. In training for a marathon you prepare for months and months - not as long as pregnancy but still quite awhile. When you finish a marathon you forget all the pain and revel in the achievement which makes you want to do it again. I hear there is that similarity to becoming a mother. One thing that is different is that with a marathon you know you have have exactly 26.2 miles - who knows long how long my particular race course is for labor and delivery?! However, I feel fairly confident about the actual D-Day because I HAVE done multiple marathons. I know the experience will be totally different but I have put myself through some prolonged periods of pain during a marathon, pushed through them and have finished the race. Hopefully this mental/physical training will help me in two months time.

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: 20 minutes elliptical and BodyPump
Friday: Walk an hour with Murphy - the 3mile plus route...felt good
Saturday: Stayed up late last night and then got up real early to finish an invitation order...only had time to do 20 minutes on the elliptical
Sunday: Ran about 4.5 miles with Tara, Annie and Murphy. I made them walk from time to time....thanks to Tara for the company! It really does make a big difference to have somebody on my runs with me - I can go longer. It felt great! That afternoon I worked in the yard and then walked with Meredith for an hour in the afternoon. I was exhausted after that. My heart rate monitor said I burned about 1000 calories on just the walk and the run!
Monday: Didn't sleep good that night - but got prenatal yoga that afternoon
Tuesday: Walked 50 minutes with Murph - this was hard. Started off on my 3 mile route but knew it was taking too long and had to cut it short. Maybe got 2.5ish in? I wanted to get back into bed and go back to sleep.
Wednesday: nothin' - thought about running but bed felt so good

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