Wednesday, April 14, 2010

33 Weeks - 7 weeks doesn't sound like a lot

33 week bump

New with baby:
BabyGirl should be over 4lbs and 17inches. BabyCenter has a fun fruit comparison this week - I've got a pineapple in there! She's just a growin' and a movin' in there. She has a fun trick of poking something very sharp right into my bladder. It makes me week in the knees sometimes.

New with me:
At times, especially at night, I feel huge - do I look huge? No, no, don't answer that! So I've been going to pre-natal yoga each Monday at the YMCA. Before class starts we go around and introduce ourselves and say how many weeks we are and if we have any concerns. Its hard not to compare myself and my belly to the others in class. I feel like I am so much bigger than those women even weeks ahead of me. Does that mean I have a big baby growing in there? Probably. Sleeping has gotten somewhat uncomfortable in the past week. Sunday night I fell asleep early but then woke up at 1am very hot and uncomfortable and then was unable to go back to sleep. There was some dozing done in between 5am and 7am but that night was long. The nights since then I have woken up in the middle of the night feeling very sore in the hip that I am laying on. Last night I tried the pillow in between the legs and I think that did help quite a bit. I might have to add another one here soon to hug and put under the belly. Otherwise I feel great. Hardly any complaints.

Running and exercise:
Thursday: swim 25 minutes (went good!) and BodyPump (ooh this is getting very hard)
Friday: run 3 miles - walked a couple of times
Saturday: walk 50 minutes with Murphy and swim 30 minutes
Sunday: walk for an hour with Murph
Monday: recumbant bike for 10 minutes (learned that this is not a good apparatus for somebody with a large belly) and elliptical for 20 minutes and then prenatal yoga
Tuesday: run 3 miles with only one walk break!
Wednesday: walk 50 minutes with Murph-dogg

Other highlights from the week (give or take a few days):
  • We hosted a belated 30th birthday party for our friend, April. We had amazing weather for a cook-out on our deck. Here's April sportin' the 30th bday gear!

  • Over the weekend, we went over to the house of our friends, Brooke & Brian, for another cookout. It was delicious. Murphy had a couple of his friends there to play with - the brown dog club. Brooke & Brian both went to Indiana University (great people!) and they pulled out the Sink the Biz bucket and we taught everybody how to play. I just got to watch but it is probably for the best!

left to right is Murphy, Murph and Rocco.

Rick has played before but still isn't very good

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