Wednesday, April 21, 2010

34 Weeks - Busy Bee

Phew, this has been quite the week! Last week was my first official week off from working at Piper Glen. I really thought I would magically have all this extra time to work on things and I really didn't. I think I had more to do last week than ever before with rkDesigns. It has also spilled into this week as I prepare to deliver three different wedding invitations and a few other sets of invitation orders. I also had two weddings to coordinate at my church on Saturday. That kept me pretty busy on Friday and Saturday.

posing with our certificate of completion!

Rick and I also took a couple of baby classes from our hospital. We took a childbirth class and a taking care of baby class. I'm really glad we took those classes. We could have read about all of that information but it was really helpful to hear the important details direct from a nurse who has worked in labor and delivery for many years. It was good to be able to ask questions and hear stories. The real learning will be on the job training but I feel a bit more informed about what is to come with childbirth etc.

New with baby: says that BabyGirl should weigh about 4.75lbs - like a cantaloupe - and should measure about 18 inches long. She should be gaining more fat than length these days. The lungs are continuing to mature and in fact if she had to be born preterm (or before 37 weeks), she would have to have a longer stay in the hospital but in the long run she would be just as fine as a full-term baby. That makes me feel better! As long as she doesn't want to stay much longer than 40 weeks in there!

New with me:
Sleeping has become more interesting. I have no trouble falling asleep as I am usually EXHAUSTED by the time I get into bed. However, I will inevitably have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Its after that trip to the bathroom that I'll have trouble getting situated again and have to keep myself from thinking about all the things on my to-do list. With everything else though, I am feeling pretty darn good lately (knock on wood). The indigestion is very infrequent these days and aches and pains are minimal.

Running & Exercise:
Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: Run/walk three miles with Murphy
Saturday: Walk 30-40 minutes with Murphy - also I probably walked at least 2 miles per wedding!
Sunday: Run 5 miles with Tara, Annie, Meredith and Murph-Dogg!!! This was done probably longer and faster than I should have done. But it felt pretty darn good when I was doing it - except for the hills which we mostly walked up. I love having company on my runs.
Monday: Walk 30 minutes with Murph
Tuesday: Walk 50 minutes with Murph
Wednesday: nothing yet - I was too tired from stressing out this morning

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