Monday, April 12, 2010

Farewell Piper Glen

Last Thursday was my last day at TPC Piper Glen. I worked there since June of 2005! They had been extremely flexible with my school schedule and I made a lot of friends there, so it was a little sad when I gave my final hugs out before I ran out the door.

On Wednesday my co-workers gave me a farewell party/baby shower. It was so nice of them. Some of them chipped in and got BabyGirl a pink "golf cart" - aka a Princess Cozy Coupe. They also gave me a Piper Glen decal to put on the side of it. I know BabyGirl will be a terror in it someday! BabyGirl also got a few fun outfits, a doll and some bibs. Karen baked a cake and Colleen did the decorating on it - yum yum yum. What great people! I will miss them but we'll come a visiting!

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