Thursday, April 29, 2010

Party for Marc & Chris

We had a party for Marc & Chris who are getting married on May 8th at our house on Saturday, April 24th. Both Marc and Chris are in college athletics so we thought it would be fun to have a basketball theme. We did up the basketball decorations and asked everybody to wear their favorite team's colors. It was a great time. Everything worked out well except for the rain - we were supposed to be outside on the deck! Oh well. Here are some of the pictures from the party!

invitation - the scoreboard time shows their wedding date, the score is the date of the party and where the fouls go hold the initials of Marc and Chris

welcome sign

the guests of honor

custom koozies to match the invite

yummy cake with deadly blue icing - out to stain everything it touches especially your teeth!


Fred, Mike, Kristy and Scott

ugh I hate these pics of me - do your hair lady! get a shirt that fits! :)
Fred, Grace, Donna and Keith

me, Chris, Julie and Kristy (due in September)

Murphy was there too

Marc & Greg

Chris & Julie

Grace, Chris and Marc

Chris Healy, Rick and Marc
John with the high school soccer jersey on - nice

GIFTS! posing with their new wine to go in their new wine glasses

with Greg's very thought out gift - took at least a minute!
beach bag full of goodies for the honeymoon
Kristy and John watchin' the gift opening
Scott and Rick
Kelly describing her gift
blue teeth anyone? it was worth the stained teeth - so good!
The boys - Marc, Mike, Scott, Chris, John, Rick and Greg

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