Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Showered with Love

This past Saturday, April 10th was my baby shower! It was a beautiful day in Charlotte and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect afternoon. My friends Meredith, Shannon and Tara organized the shindig for me and did a fantastic job with all the details, food and decorating. It was fun to be surrounded by so many friends. I felt very special and so very loved.

the venue for the shower

the hostesses with the mostesses - Shannon, Meredith and Tara

some of the pretty decorations
Kelli and Stephanie
Meredith, Brooke and Keri
Stephanie, me and Shannon

my in-laws - Mary and Donna

I opened some very thoughtful gifts while everybody played a game of baby bingo. I definitely ooo'd and awwwww'd over them all. My niece, Lilly, was so helpful while she brought me gifts and then pointed out what she owned already from each package! My friends must have good taste if Lilly has them already!

surrounded by gifts!

Lilly trying out the fancy lemonade - two hands!

Lilly telling me about the gift
My friends were asked to bring a signed book instead of bringing a card. I loved this idea! BabyGirl had a bookcase that was empty except for three books. She now has a good collection of books that were picked out especially for her by my friends. Rick's sister, Mary, also brought some books that were Rick's when he was younger. It was fun to open them up and see where he wrote "Ricky D. Kobsik" or something close to that, on the inside pages.

some of Rick's books

me and some of the new books
BabyGirl got a LOT of clothes! This girl is going to be quite the fashion plate this summer with a different outfit for every hour of the week...and from what I hear about newborns, we'll need it!

Norah is telling me how many clothes I will need for her new friend
Kind of funny to me was my reaction to some of the more "practical" gifts such as Baby Tylenol, mini nail clippers and bottles etc etc. The little anxious "pre-race" feelings (see my post last week about pregnancy and marathons) came back to me. I actually have to use these things on another human being?! Oh my goodness! Its a little scary but very exciting.
Meredith knitted BabyGirl a blanket! Such talented friends!

They were also asked to write a little note of advice. Shannon then put the notes into a photo album for me to keep. It is fun to read through them all.

writing out notes
Thank you to everyone for coming - friends both old and new. It was a great reminder of how blessed I am in life. It is a day I won't forget.

Chris and Julie

Tara, Jen, me and Chris

Kari and Karen

Tara and her daughter Norah

my smallest guests
with the Moeller girls

So the next morning, Rick and I made breakfast and sipped coffee while I modeled all of the new clothes and gear that BabyGirl was given. It was so fun to go through the bags again and look at all the loot! Fantastic! Now I just need to find a spot to put them all!

cute little outfit for BabyGirl -
will have to take lots of pictures of her wearing this so that she remembers when she is older how much she loves me :)
wooohoo, the loot!
BabyGirl's bookcase is starting to fill up!
Murphy doesn't understand all the commotion

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