Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Day Has Come!

Well... We went to hospital this morning and guess what, we are gonna have a baby today! (or tomorrow.) Because Becky is laid up in the bed, I am guest blogging. This is the most exciting day and I can't wait to meet my baby girl. Our suite is very nice as well as our nurse. We met almost all of the doctors at the OB, but of course we have the one we didn't meet. Becky is receiving pitocin to help the labor along. More to follow! - Dad-to-be/Rick

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

39 Weeks - nesting

There's nothing like a deadline to get you in gear to get some things done around the house. We have a pretty big deadline coming up - though we don't know when exactly it will be - so I have been pushing Rick to get things done around the painting...

Yes this is me at 38.5 weeks pregnant on my hands and knees painting the baseboards in our house. I only did a few rooms...though it was hard on the back (the first time my back hurt during this pregnancy!) it sure does look nice now!

We also went to see the traveling Broadway show, Wicked, at Ovens Auditorium here in town. My parents came back on Saturday afternoon so they accompanied us to the show on Sunday evening. We had a nice dinner at 131 Main on East Blvd and then saw the show. It was a great show. Very entertaining. The "witches" were so talented, great singers, great actresses. I loved the twists and turns this show puts on the story of Oz that we know and love. Very clever. The two bad things about the show has to do with the location - there are hardly enough restrooms for all of the women that go to these shows...the line was a mile long by the time I walked into the lobby at intermission. I thought about playing the pregnant card but decided that I didn't have to go *that* bad. Then we were sitting in the last row of the orchestra which was right up against the sound equipment. It was SO hot! Rick, my father and I were sweating up a storm. My mother loved it - she is always so cold.

here we are at the show!

Doctor's Appointment:
Went to the doctor with my mother on Monday morning. The doctor checked me out and told me - no progress! Buuuummmmmer! I know it hardly means anything but it still would have been exciting to be told that I was at least 1cm dilated or something! But no dice. He asked me if I had any questions and told me not to ask when she was going to come because he didn't know. I asked him if I should be jumping up and down or something to get her to come out and he said no, to just rest. Hmph...I don't care what he says, I'll be jumping up and down!

Exercise (walking walking walking - come on out baby!):
Thursday: Swim 30 minutes, Walk 50 minutes with Murphy
Friday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and some upper body lifting
Saturday: Walk 50 minutes and painting!
Sunday: Walk in the 'hood and then shopping with mom
Monday: Walk
Tuesday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and some upper body lifting
Wednesday: Walk

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Nursery - Mostly Complete!

I have a couple of other projects that I would like to get done before BabyGirl gets here but it just might not happen (sigh). But here is where our nursery is to date!

Here are some before and after shots (if you remember from an earlier post we sanded and painted all of the furniture I have had since Sophomore year of HS)....

Here is the dresser in the corner - now missing its hutch but is now diaper changing central. I have filled a couple of baskets on the dresser with diapers and lotions and wipes and other important changing items. Above the dresser is hanging a shelf that I put some hooks into the bottom where I can change what's hanging from it at all times. A cute little outfit and an angel medallion are hanging there now. Above the shelf hangs an illustration I had made for class last year actually. The assignment was to take a scene from a children's book and construct it from painted paper - ala Eric Carle. I chose "Guess How Much I Love You". Its funny how the colors I used in the illustration fit into the colors I used in her room.

This corner of the room used to have my chest of drawers, but now is where the crib is! You can see my mobile that I made. Also I hung some frames that hold pieces of the extra bumper that I had gotten with the set from the lady on craigslist. I have a picutre of that below.

This corner had my bookshelves with all of my books. The shelves were given to a teacher friend for her classroom and I had to sell or give away at least half of those books. I had to buy a smaller bookshelf and it was put in another room. Here you see the chest of drawers though with its spiffy new paint job. One of the projects I would like to get done is a holder for the stuffed animals. I was painting the object in question but it just doesn't like the paint I have put on it! I have also bought some shelves from Ikea to go over the dresser but I don't want them to crowd this artwork that my friend, Karen did for us! Dilemma. I might cut down the shelves or just bag the idea all together.

On the bed you can see the Murph XL we bought back in December and a pillow that my mother had embroidered for me back when I had a blue bedroom of my own in Syracuse, NY. I was probably 10ish when she made me that? It cleaned up nicely and is sitting in a place of honor.

Here are the frames that I filled with snippets of the bumper. I had to paint the green ones. I had two white frames, two pink frames and one black frame - it wasn't working for my aesthetic! I have also painted some initials for BabyGirl - the K is definitely the known initial in her monogram. We have decided on her middle name but the first name is still up in the air. I have both of the possible first initials ready to go just in case!

And here's a shot of the rocking chair that my parents brought me last September before we realized that we were pregnant. They bought this chair in 1979 when they had me. The blanket hanging over the chair was hand made by my grandmother and given to me when I went to college in 1997. So glad that I get to pass it along to BabyGirl.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

38 Weeks - Freeloader

BabyGirl is fully formed - so she is just freeloading in there from here on out!

Doctor's Appointment:
I wasn't feeling as optimistic about her early arrival as I was from last week's appointment. As the doctor was feeling around she said - "you sure have a lot of baby left up here" (meaning top of my uterus). Which probably means she didn't drop as low as I thought. Boo. I was also told that I tested postive for the Group B Strep bacteria. (sounds like strep throat doesn't it? I guess that is group A - interesting huh?) Double Boo. It is fairly common for women to be a carrier of this bacteria and it is completely harmless in adults. However it causes quite a number of scary things for babies if it is untreated. So when I go into labor I will be given anitbiotics a couple of times to make sure it is blasted out of there before BabyGirl comes through. I know everything will be fine and its nothing I did - but it still made me feel a little bit like a bad mom already! In other doctor news, I didn't gain any weight and BabyGirl's heart was 150bpm. We'll be back on Monday again.

Keeping Busy:
  • My parents stopped by for a day on Thursday on their way up to DC for the wedding of my cousin, Severin. Wish I could have gone but it was just to close to D-day for comfort! My parents will be back this weekend and then we'll all watch my belly together.
  • My parents helped me buy a new hedge trimmer on Thursday - despite the 37 week belly and a lot of heat, I still was out there trimming hedges! Love the new toy. My father helped with picking up the trimmings. My mother and I also planted some more house is much prettier now.
  • Rick played golf twice over the weekend - life is hard!
  • Went to the Matthews Police Department for their weekly car seat installation. They helped me install the seat in my car - they made it look super easy! We tried to do Rick's car too but the seat base we had didn't seem to work for our carseat! How strange...I need to go and return it. But I feel like a better mom now that I have at least one installed car seat.
  • I started to pack a bag for the hospital. This is hard. I'm trying not to stress too much over it as we live about a mile from the hospital and my parents, Rick's parents or even Rick will be able to run home/to the store and get me something if I just must have it. I hear people only use about half of what they bring to the hospital anyways.
  • Still busy with rkDesigns! Trying to get out a couple of wedding invites, couple of wedding programs and a couple of baby shower invitations before D-Day (whenever that will be!)

Thursday: Walk 50 minutes with my mother and Murphy- also some landscaping!
Friday: Swim for 30 minutes, then in the afternoon, Meredith, Murphy and I went up to NoDa and walked for 30 minutes and then treated ourselves to a treat from TastyYo
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Walk for 30 minutes - my running buddies ran 6 miles and then came and walked about a mile with me - so nice to be included. Murphy and I walked another mile.
Monday: Elliptical for 20 minutes. Walk for 10 minutes then run for 9 minutes, 1 minute cooldown on the treadmill. I am not a fan of running on the treadmill in general but it did feel good enough to inspire me to run for a bit. I was at a 12 minute pace for those 9 minutes, but hooray for running! Went to prenatal yoga in the afternoon.
Tuesday: Walk 3 miles with Murphy - we did it fast - under 50 minutes! Maybe there were less potty breaks for Murph.
Wednesday: Walk the 3 mile loop with Murph again. We saw a neighbor this time and it took us 57 minutes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


let's look into the crystal ball - when will she come?

Now that I am at 38 weeks my brain is FULL of thoughts of ...When is she going to come? Is she going to be early? Is she going to be late? How can I get this girl to come out on time? On one hand I might not be having so many of the "very special and magical" pregnancy feelings so much anymore ...on the other hand, I know I am getting very close to having to be responsible for another human being and keeping her alive etc! SCARY! So in summary --- I am torn between get her out of me/I can't wait to meet her and please don't come too soon!

So just for fun, I found Madame Zaritska at the Pregnancy & Baby website who gave me her "all seeing prediction" for when BabyGirl is going to come:

The day you deliver, outside will be rainy. Your baby will arrive in the late night. After a labor lasting approximately 17 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and will be 22-1/2 inches long. This child will have medium hazel eyes and fluffy brown hair.

Okay...that's freaky because there is ALL kinds of rain in the forecast the next couple of weeks and also because I didn't tell "her" that I was having a girl! Not to mention that I have hazel eyes.

I thought I would go to a much more reliable source, our family and friends, to give us THEIR best predictions on when BabyGirl is going to come...some provided more information than others. It was so fun to read through all of they all are!

Becky (MOM): June 6th, 8lbs
Rick (DAD): June 7th, 9lbs 6oz

Grandma & Grandpa Kobsik: May 28th, 7lbs 6oz, Name is Anna
Grandma & Grandpa Lerch: May 30th or June 1st
Uncle Andy: June 4th 1:11pm
Aunt Renata: June 9th
Aunt LeeAnn: June 12th or 13th
Aunt Christine: June 4th - 9lbs - Name is Fredericka
Aunt Debbie: May 28th - full moon is on the 27th so that will get her going!
Cousin Brigid: June 1st - 9lbs 2oz, 28in, Name is Mary
Cousin Declan: June 2nd - 9lbs 3oz, 29in, Name is Fiona
Uncle Ed: June 12th - 10lbs 9oz, 25in, Name is Meredith (ugh, you're killing me with that date and weight Ed! :))
Aunt Mary: June 5th - she didn't pick a name but seconds Brigid's suggestion
Cousin Lilly: June 2nd - 7lbs 10oz, Name is Molly
Cousin Joey: June 4th - 8lbs, 6oz, Name is Laura
Cousin Jacob: June 3rd - 7lbs, 8oz, Name is Kate
Aunt Lori: June 8th (her own birthday) - 7lbs, 2oz, Name is Christina

Brooke: June 3rd
Julie: June 1st
John: June 5th
Meredith F: June 8th
Karen L: June 1st - "so we can say she came early but she has to be a June baby so that she can have her birthday on the first day of June and mine will be the last day of June and we'll celebrate all the days in between"
Jenny: May 28th - "was going to say the 27th because of the full moon, but I am going to tack on an extra 12 hours of labor (sorry Little Becky, but Baby K is going have quite a noggin on her) "
Kelli: May 29th
Caryn: May 27th (her own birthday)
Keri: June 1st
Meredith H: June 4th
Kristine: May 30th - "Baby K will go on May 30th with labor pains beginning on full moon just to tease you"
Colleen: June 7th
Jenn: May 31st
Tara: June 2nd
Katie: May 31st - Memorial Day
Stephanie: June 6th
Marc: June 9th
Chris: May 30th
Scott: June 2nd
April: June 2nd (her anniversary!)

and as a special prize, if you guess right you get diaper duty!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

37 Weeks - Any day now?

37 week baby bumpity bump bump bump

Holy smokes! BabyGirl is now considered full term. If she were born now she would most likely be able to survive without ventilators etc. I hope she's not born until the last week of May - I have stuff to do before she can come! :)

Doctor's Appointment:
The appointments have been getting shorter and shorter as we get closer and closer. They are just checking to make sure everything is going along as planned. This appointment, I had a check for Strep B bacteria and while they were "down there" they checked my cervix. Nothing going on there...but he was able to feel that BabyGirl's head is very much in my pelvis and she is "knocking at the door". He made a bold statement, saying that he didn't foresee me going past my due date. I am going to hold him to that! I have been feeling a bit different - a lot more pressure in the pelvic region. Not as much pain in the ribs and an ability to breathe a bit better than normal! Rick says he thinks that my belly is lower too. Besides this fun news, I didn't gain any weight - actually lost half a pound. Also BabyGirl's heart rate was 150. Back up again!

Fun Week:
  • Wednesday was my last day at my internship!
  • Friday was my last day of classes - got A's!
  • Friday was the rehearsal dinner and Saturday was the wedding of our friends, Marc & Chris. Rick was in the wedding. They had an awesome day and it was so good to get together with friends.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and BabyGirl, Murphy and Rick got me a card and flowers which was so sweet. I got a little emotional thinking that I am so close to becoming a mother.
Running & Exercise:
I am going to have to change the title of this section - Monday, I ran my last run. I think because BabyGirl has dropped, it is just too uncomfortable! Right when I stopped running too I started feeling some sharp contractions! Ouchie! Went away after about 10 minutes of walking.

Thursday: BodyPump - last time
Friday: Walk with the MurphDogg
Saturday: Volunteered and danced danced danced at Marc & Chris's wedding!
Sunday: Walked for an hour with Murphy
Monday: Ran for 20 minutes and then walked for 20 minutes & prenatal yoga
Tuesday: Nothin
Wednesday: couldn't sleep, woke up at 4 so went to the gym at 5 and swam and lifted some

Monday, May 10, 2010

Marc & Chris are married!

Our friends, Marc & Chris were married on Saturday, May 15th. It was a beautiful day...beautiful weekend in fact! Rick has known Marc since first grade at St. Ann's. I had a great time. I managed to cut a rug for a long time. BabyGirl didn't seem to mind all the dancing. She is quite happy and snug in there.

gettin' hitched!

the boys - Rick has known them all at least since high school, some even longer

Me, Rick and BabyGirl

me, Rick, Donna & Fred

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

36 Weeks - Woohoo!

not the best quality pic but it was a sweet moment between me, BabyGirl and MurphDogg

4 weeks, 28 days, one month...yay! I have a feeling she is going to be late but for now I'll just focus on those 28 days. Though I am still feeling the anxiety I was having last week! I have a to-do list that is a mile long - both baby and non-baby related. If I get that to-do list done then she'll be late...if I don't get that to-do list done then she'll probably come early.

New with the baby:
So she could be weighing about 6lbs right now. I have some clothes right now that will fit a six pound baby! At the end of this week, she'll be considered full-term. Here's a little fact for you...babies before 37 weeks are pre-term, 37-42 weeks are full term and 42 plus is post-term. Let's not have a post-term baby!

Doctor's Visit:
Went to the doctor on Monday. I had gained 4lbs in a week and a half! I blame it on the buy-one-get-one-free Klondike bars offer at the grocery store! Yeah, those things are long gone. They make new flavors now. We got Krunch and Reese's...YUMMY! But I won't be doing that Klondike episode again! But the doctor said that my weight is "acceptable". I am at about 30lbs gained. This is still in the average section - so I think I should be more than acceptable! I was still measuring on track for 36 weeks and baby's head is supposedly pointing down. Her heart rate was 152 this time. Isn't that interesting how it had been going down and now its up to 152? It could be different every five minutes that we take it I know.

New with Me:
I wake up a few times a night with a sore side - the weight that I am putting on one side or another makes things pretty uncomfortable. Breathing from time to time is quite uncomfortable. To make room for the growing baby, my lungs are getting squashed. Sometimes going up the stairs is a physical feat in itself! Also less and less clothing is fitting these days. I'm needing longer shirts so that I am not showing belly or the unattractive elastic waistband of my clothes. I find dresses are becoming more comfortable for that reason. Finally I am getting tired more easily. It doesn't help that I haven't been able to slow down too much with my other activities...nor do I really want to! At 5-6pm I seem to be at my most tired and then I can find a second wind to finish up some projects.

Exercise and Running:
Thursday: BodyPump
Friday: nothing
Saturday: Swim for 30 minutes - coordinated a wedding
Sunday: was going to run but it was too hot/humid! Walked for 40 minutes with Rick - what a good husband.
Monday: BodyPump, 20 minutes elliptical and Prenatal Yoga
Tuesday: Walk 45 minutes with Murphy
Wednesday: Walk/Run 3 miles

What I'm looking forward to (the selfish list):
-A cold turkey sandwich - I have had a couple of turkey sandwiches throughout the pregnancy but knowing its on the do not eat list makes me feel a bit guilty
-BEER! I've sipped off of Rick's and taken half of his here and there but I can't wait to have one (or two) of my own!
-Sleeping on my stomach - man oh man I miss this a lot more than I thought I would...especially now that it hurts to sleep on my side!
-Sushi - have had this once or twice during the pregnancy but can't wait for a good meal of it without worry.

What I'm looking forward to (the mommy list):
-I can't wait to meet this little girl and hold her and squeeze her and love her.
-I can't wait to look at her and try to figure out who she looks like - where did she get that nose (hopefully not mine), who's eyes does she have etc etc
-I can't wait to find out who she is going to be. Will she like sports, will she be a math wiz, will she be a girly girl, will she like to sing/play an instrument?
-I just can't wait!

What I will miss:
-Having this baby girl all to myself - all the wiggles and pokes from inside. I'll miss that feeling.
-The stretchy pants (maybe not all of them have to go away!)
-Getting a little extra help from people - though this doesn't happen too often
-Not much else - happy I found these three things to put on the list! :)