Wednesday, May 12, 2010

37 Weeks - Any day now?

37 week baby bumpity bump bump bump

Holy smokes! BabyGirl is now considered full term. If she were born now she would most likely be able to survive without ventilators etc. I hope she's not born until the last week of May - I have stuff to do before she can come! :)

Doctor's Appointment:
The appointments have been getting shorter and shorter as we get closer and closer. They are just checking to make sure everything is going along as planned. This appointment, I had a check for Strep B bacteria and while they were "down there" they checked my cervix. Nothing going on there...but he was able to feel that BabyGirl's head is very much in my pelvis and she is "knocking at the door". He made a bold statement, saying that he didn't foresee me going past my due date. I am going to hold him to that! I have been feeling a bit different - a lot more pressure in the pelvic region. Not as much pain in the ribs and an ability to breathe a bit better than normal! Rick says he thinks that my belly is lower too. Besides this fun news, I didn't gain any weight - actually lost half a pound. Also BabyGirl's heart rate was 150. Back up again!

Fun Week:
  • Wednesday was my last day at my internship!
  • Friday was my last day of classes - got A's!
  • Friday was the rehearsal dinner and Saturday was the wedding of our friends, Marc & Chris. Rick was in the wedding. They had an awesome day and it was so good to get together with friends.
  • Sunday was Mother's Day and BabyGirl, Murphy and Rick got me a card and flowers which was so sweet. I got a little emotional thinking that I am so close to becoming a mother.
Running & Exercise:
I am going to have to change the title of this section - Monday, I ran my last run. I think because BabyGirl has dropped, it is just too uncomfortable! Right when I stopped running too I started feeling some sharp contractions! Ouchie! Went away after about 10 minutes of walking.

Thursday: BodyPump - last time
Friday: Walk with the MurphDogg
Saturday: Volunteered and danced danced danced at Marc & Chris's wedding!
Sunday: Walked for an hour with Murphy
Monday: Ran for 20 minutes and then walked for 20 minutes & prenatal yoga
Tuesday: Nothin
Wednesday: couldn't sleep, woke up at 4 so went to the gym at 5 and swam and lifted some

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