Wednesday, May 19, 2010

38 Weeks - Freeloader

BabyGirl is fully formed - so she is just freeloading in there from here on out!

Doctor's Appointment:
I wasn't feeling as optimistic about her early arrival as I was from last week's appointment. As the doctor was feeling around she said - "you sure have a lot of baby left up here" (meaning top of my uterus). Which probably means she didn't drop as low as I thought. Boo. I was also told that I tested postive for the Group B Strep bacteria. (sounds like strep throat doesn't it? I guess that is group A - interesting huh?) Double Boo. It is fairly common for women to be a carrier of this bacteria and it is completely harmless in adults. However it causes quite a number of scary things for babies if it is untreated. So when I go into labor I will be given anitbiotics a couple of times to make sure it is blasted out of there before BabyGirl comes through. I know everything will be fine and its nothing I did - but it still made me feel a little bit like a bad mom already! In other doctor news, I didn't gain any weight and BabyGirl's heart was 150bpm. We'll be back on Monday again.

Keeping Busy:
  • My parents stopped by for a day on Thursday on their way up to DC for the wedding of my cousin, Severin. Wish I could have gone but it was just to close to D-day for comfort! My parents will be back this weekend and then we'll all watch my belly together.
  • My parents helped me buy a new hedge trimmer on Thursday - despite the 37 week belly and a lot of heat, I still was out there trimming hedges! Love the new toy. My father helped with picking up the trimmings. My mother and I also planted some more house is much prettier now.
  • Rick played golf twice over the weekend - life is hard!
  • Went to the Matthews Police Department for their weekly car seat installation. They helped me install the seat in my car - they made it look super easy! We tried to do Rick's car too but the seat base we had didn't seem to work for our carseat! How strange...I need to go and return it. But I feel like a better mom now that I have at least one installed car seat.
  • I started to pack a bag for the hospital. This is hard. I'm trying not to stress too much over it as we live about a mile from the hospital and my parents, Rick's parents or even Rick will be able to run home/to the store and get me something if I just must have it. I hear people only use about half of what they bring to the hospital anyways.
  • Still busy with rkDesigns! Trying to get out a couple of wedding invites, couple of wedding programs and a couple of baby shower invitations before D-Day (whenever that will be!)

Thursday: Walk 50 minutes with my mother and Murphy- also some landscaping!
Friday: Swim for 30 minutes, then in the afternoon, Meredith, Murphy and I went up to NoDa and walked for 30 minutes and then treated ourselves to a treat from TastyYo
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Walk for 30 minutes - my running buddies ran 6 miles and then came and walked about a mile with me - so nice to be included. Murphy and I walked another mile.
Monday: Elliptical for 20 minutes. Walk for 10 minutes then run for 9 minutes, 1 minute cooldown on the treadmill. I am not a fan of running on the treadmill in general but it did feel good enough to inspire me to run for a bit. I was at a 12 minute pace for those 9 minutes, but hooray for running! Went to prenatal yoga in the afternoon.
Tuesday: Walk 3 miles with Murphy - we did it fast - under 50 minutes! Maybe there were less potty breaks for Murph.
Wednesday: Walk the 3 mile loop with Murph again. We saw a neighbor this time and it took us 57 minutes.

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  1. I think tasty yo walk in noda should have made the exercise cut on friday. ; )