Wednesday, May 26, 2010

39 Weeks - nesting

There's nothing like a deadline to get you in gear to get some things done around the house. We have a pretty big deadline coming up - though we don't know when exactly it will be - so I have been pushing Rick to get things done around the painting...

Yes this is me at 38.5 weeks pregnant on my hands and knees painting the baseboards in our house. I only did a few rooms...though it was hard on the back (the first time my back hurt during this pregnancy!) it sure does look nice now!

We also went to see the traveling Broadway show, Wicked, at Ovens Auditorium here in town. My parents came back on Saturday afternoon so they accompanied us to the show on Sunday evening. We had a nice dinner at 131 Main on East Blvd and then saw the show. It was a great show. Very entertaining. The "witches" were so talented, great singers, great actresses. I loved the twists and turns this show puts on the story of Oz that we know and love. Very clever. The two bad things about the show has to do with the location - there are hardly enough restrooms for all of the women that go to these shows...the line was a mile long by the time I walked into the lobby at intermission. I thought about playing the pregnant card but decided that I didn't have to go *that* bad. Then we were sitting in the last row of the orchestra which was right up against the sound equipment. It was SO hot! Rick, my father and I were sweating up a storm. My mother loved it - she is always so cold.

here we are at the show!

Doctor's Appointment:
Went to the doctor with my mother on Monday morning. The doctor checked me out and told me - no progress! Buuuummmmmer! I know it hardly means anything but it still would have been exciting to be told that I was at least 1cm dilated or something! But no dice. He asked me if I had any questions and told me not to ask when she was going to come because he didn't know. I asked him if I should be jumping up and down or something to get her to come out and he said no, to just rest. Hmph...I don't care what he says, I'll be jumping up and down!

Exercise (walking walking walking - come on out baby!):
Thursday: Swim 30 minutes, Walk 50 minutes with Murphy
Friday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and some upper body lifting
Saturday: Walk 50 minutes and painting!
Sunday: Walk in the 'hood and then shopping with mom
Monday: Walk
Tuesday: Elliptical for 20 minutes and some upper body lifting
Wednesday: Walk

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