Friday, May 21, 2010

The Nursery - Mostly Complete!

I have a couple of other projects that I would like to get done before BabyGirl gets here but it just might not happen (sigh). But here is where our nursery is to date!

Here are some before and after shots (if you remember from an earlier post we sanded and painted all of the furniture I have had since Sophomore year of HS)....

Here is the dresser in the corner - now missing its hutch but is now diaper changing central. I have filled a couple of baskets on the dresser with diapers and lotions and wipes and other important changing items. Above the dresser is hanging a shelf that I put some hooks into the bottom where I can change what's hanging from it at all times. A cute little outfit and an angel medallion are hanging there now. Above the shelf hangs an illustration I had made for class last year actually. The assignment was to take a scene from a children's book and construct it from painted paper - ala Eric Carle. I chose "Guess How Much I Love You". Its funny how the colors I used in the illustration fit into the colors I used in her room.

This corner of the room used to have my chest of drawers, but now is where the crib is! You can see my mobile that I made. Also I hung some frames that hold pieces of the extra bumper that I had gotten with the set from the lady on craigslist. I have a picutre of that below.

This corner had my bookshelves with all of my books. The shelves were given to a teacher friend for her classroom and I had to sell or give away at least half of those books. I had to buy a smaller bookshelf and it was put in another room. Here you see the chest of drawers though with its spiffy new paint job. One of the projects I would like to get done is a holder for the stuffed animals. I was painting the object in question but it just doesn't like the paint I have put on it! I have also bought some shelves from Ikea to go over the dresser but I don't want them to crowd this artwork that my friend, Karen did for us! Dilemma. I might cut down the shelves or just bag the idea all together.

On the bed you can see the Murph XL we bought back in December and a pillow that my mother had embroidered for me back when I had a blue bedroom of my own in Syracuse, NY. I was probably 10ish when she made me that? It cleaned up nicely and is sitting in a place of honor.

Here are the frames that I filled with snippets of the bumper. I had to paint the green ones. I had two white frames, two pink frames and one black frame - it wasn't working for my aesthetic! I have also painted some initials for BabyGirl - the K is definitely the known initial in her monogram. We have decided on her middle name but the first name is still up in the air. I have both of the possible first initials ready to go just in case!

And here's a shot of the rocking chair that my parents brought me last September before we realized that we were pregnant. They bought this chair in 1979 when they had me. The blanket hanging over the chair was hand made by my grandmother and given to me when I went to college in 1997. So glad that I get to pass it along to BabyGirl.


  1. We are excited for the both of you-and the grandparents!

  2. The room looks great! Can't wait to see Baby Girl in it! Miss you!

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