Sunday, May 16, 2010


let's look into the crystal ball - when will she come?

Now that I am at 38 weeks my brain is FULL of thoughts of ...When is she going to come? Is she going to be early? Is she going to be late? How can I get this girl to come out on time? On one hand I might not be having so many of the "very special and magical" pregnancy feelings so much anymore ...on the other hand, I know I am getting very close to having to be responsible for another human being and keeping her alive etc! SCARY! So in summary --- I am torn between get her out of me/I can't wait to meet her and please don't come too soon!

So just for fun, I found Madame Zaritska at the Pregnancy & Baby website who gave me her "all seeing prediction" for when BabyGirl is going to come:

The day you deliver, outside will be rainy. Your baby will arrive in the late night. After a labor lasting approximately 17 hours, your child, a girl, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and will be 22-1/2 inches long. This child will have medium hazel eyes and fluffy brown hair.

Okay...that's freaky because there is ALL kinds of rain in the forecast the next couple of weeks and also because I didn't tell "her" that I was having a girl! Not to mention that I have hazel eyes.

I thought I would go to a much more reliable source, our family and friends, to give us THEIR best predictions on when BabyGirl is going to come...some provided more information than others. It was so fun to read through all of they all are!

Becky (MOM): June 6th, 8lbs
Rick (DAD): June 7th, 9lbs 6oz

Grandma & Grandpa Kobsik: May 28th, 7lbs 6oz, Name is Anna
Grandma & Grandpa Lerch: May 30th or June 1st
Uncle Andy: June 4th 1:11pm
Aunt Renata: June 9th
Aunt LeeAnn: June 12th or 13th
Aunt Christine: June 4th - 9lbs - Name is Fredericka
Aunt Debbie: May 28th - full moon is on the 27th so that will get her going!
Cousin Brigid: June 1st - 9lbs 2oz, 28in, Name is Mary
Cousin Declan: June 2nd - 9lbs 3oz, 29in, Name is Fiona
Uncle Ed: June 12th - 10lbs 9oz, 25in, Name is Meredith (ugh, you're killing me with that date and weight Ed! :))
Aunt Mary: June 5th - she didn't pick a name but seconds Brigid's suggestion
Cousin Lilly: June 2nd - 7lbs 10oz, Name is Molly
Cousin Joey: June 4th - 8lbs, 6oz, Name is Laura
Cousin Jacob: June 3rd - 7lbs, 8oz, Name is Kate
Aunt Lori: June 8th (her own birthday) - 7lbs, 2oz, Name is Christina

Brooke: June 3rd
Julie: June 1st
John: June 5th
Meredith F: June 8th
Karen L: June 1st - "so we can say she came early but she has to be a June baby so that she can have her birthday on the first day of June and mine will be the last day of June and we'll celebrate all the days in between"
Jenny: May 28th - "was going to say the 27th because of the full moon, but I am going to tack on an extra 12 hours of labor (sorry Little Becky, but Baby K is going have quite a noggin on her) "
Kelli: May 29th
Caryn: May 27th (her own birthday)
Keri: June 1st
Meredith H: June 4th
Kristine: May 30th - "Baby K will go on May 30th with labor pains beginning on full moon just to tease you"
Colleen: June 7th
Jenn: May 31st
Tara: June 2nd
Katie: May 31st - Memorial Day
Stephanie: June 6th
Marc: June 9th
Chris: May 30th
Scott: June 2nd
April: June 2nd (her anniversary!)

and as a special prize, if you guess right you get diaper duty!


  1. She is SO coming on June 7th.... I even have the daddy on my side! Plus, from the looks of your most recent picture, she looks like she is creeping back up in your belly....

  2. I like Uncle Ed's name suggestion/guess. ; )