Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here's the story

As I said in my 39th week post, I had been to the doctor on Monday the 24th and was told that there had been no progress. Buuummmmer. It was as I had feared, this girly was going to come late. Oh well. More time to get some things done.

Thursday morning I went out for my walk and did the 3 mile loop and as I hurried to cross a street, I jogged a bit. Hmmm that didn't feel so bad, so I kept it going. I jogged for what seemed like a long time (probably only 4 minutes?). Maybe a bit of jogging would get BabyGirl going!? I then walked again and then found another flat area in my walk and jogged again. That was hard work! But nothing, no movement from BabyGirl. Didn't she know this was the day of the full moon? My friend, Brooke, and her neighbor Ashley came by that afternoon to go for a walk - trying to walk out a baby gosh darn it. Again, nuthin. Rick was feeling like he needed a boys night out before he became a father so he went out and had some beers with some of our friends. I stayed at home with my parents and watched an old Cary Grant movie - To Catch a Thief. I fell asleep about 15 minutes before the end so I don't know what happened. Sheesh. I think I still have it recorded, I'll have to go back and watch it.

Friday morning as I got up and went to the bathroom, I felt some wetness go down my leg. Hmm...that was weird. You hear of pregnant women having some incontinence during the pregnancy but I hadn't had any of those problems. But I assumed that's what it was, that I was just far enough along for some crazy stuff to happen. I went out for my 3 mile loop walk again and thought I would try that jogging thing again. I found those flat spots on my route and jogged for a bit to see if I could get a baby to come out. No baby came, but you know what happened? I felt that rush of wetness again. Man, how embarrassing! I can't believe that I peed myself again! (or did I?) I thought I would try some more old wives' tales to help amuse myself before BabyGirl came. First off - a pedicure. I guess there is some kind of pressure point in your foot that is supposed to kick off labor? My mother and I met Brooke for manicures and pedicures. If anything, I was going to have pretty toes when I went to the hospital! Nothing yet. My mother and I ran some more errands that day. Next old wive's tale - I tried raspberry tea. Don't know if it did anything but it was very yummy and refreshing. One more tale - spicy food! That night Rick and I, my parents and Rick's parents went out for Mexican food. The waiter brought us our chips and salsa and then asked if we would want to try an even spicier green salsa. Um, yes! The spicier the better! I even put hot sauce on my tacos!

Okay this part borders on TMI - read at your own discretion - but it was at dinner when I took my millionth trip to the bathroom that I started to notice some bleeding. It was very slight and I remembered from the books etc that this could be a sign that labor was coming on. I was pretty excited but didn't want to get tooooo excited yet. I wasn't really feeling any more contractions than I had been feeling before. Must not be going on yet. As the night went on the bleeding got a bit heavier and a brighter red. I couldn't sleep thinking about it. I was up till 1:30am thinking about bleeding and labor and contractions - was I having any consistent ones? I couldn't tell. The next morning I woke up at 6am with all of these thoughts still on my mind and I was definitely still bleeding. Ack! Time to call the doctor and see what they said. I took Murphy out for a walk and called the nurse on call. After a couple of phone calls back and forth with the nurse, who would then call the doctor, it was decided that I should go into labor and delivery and get checked out. Oh really? I called Rick from my walk and told him that they wanted me to come in and get checked out. He was still kind of sleepy and asked if he was going with me. Heck yes, you're coming with me buster! You're part of this whole deal! I got home and he came down the stairs in workout clothes. I asked him if he wouldn't want to shower and put on some nicer clothes before we went - and maybe shave? He said that he wanted to go to the gym afterwards! I told him that just in case he probably should shower because if by some crazy chance they asked us to stay then he would be mad that he was all dirty. We said goodbye to my parents and told them that we would see them later.

We pulled up to the hospital and parked in the garage. On the way in, a woman asked me when the baby was coming. I said, maybe today! But I still thought we would go home soon. We took the elevator up to the eighth floor, unsure that we were doing things right. We went to the desk and said our doctor told us to come in. They already knew and were waiting for us. We got shown into labor and delivery suite #1 by Audrey at 8:10am. There was a clock on the wall facing the bed. I stared at that thing a lot that day. I got hooked up to some monitors to monitor the baby's heart rate and one to monitor my contractions. Audrey showed me that my contractions were already about 2 minutes apart but that I couldn't feel all of them.

The doctor on call from my practice was Dr. Katherine Whitten. Now I had met about 10 of the doctors at my practice and wouldn't you know that Dr. Whitten wasn't one of them! Oh well...I assumed that was going to happen. I told Dr. Whitten about the bleeding and then when they asked if my water had broken, I told them about my experiences of the day before that I wasn't sure if it were pee or that my water had broken. She did a pH test of the fluid and the way it tested, showed that my water had indeed broken the day before! So because of the bleeding and because that my water had broken, she said she wanted me to stay that we were going to try to have a baby that day. Holy smokes!

At this time I was only 1cm dilated. It was not part of the original plan to be at the hospital this early. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible and then go in. Oh well. I got hooked up to an IV of fluids, pitocin to encourage the labor along and they also added in an antibiotic since I had tested positive for the Group B Strep. Now, I am allergic to penicillin so there are only so many antibiotics that they can give me. They hooked me up to some Vancomycin instead. I was laying there a while later and I said to Rick. My scalp is really itchy! I was itching and itching my head. The nurse came in a bit later and said, you are really flushed. We called in Dr. Whitten and we all got to exclaim on how bright red I was. She did some research and found that they actually call it Red-Man syndrome. Nice. I looked like a tomato. They reduced the amount of antibiotic I was getting and it had run its course mostly anyways by then so the symptoms went away. I would have to get the antibiotics in ten hours if the baby hadn't come by then but they would give me some Benadryl to help with the allergic reaction.
walking the halls, lookin lovely

To pass the time, I walked around the halls - but there really isn't anywhere to go. I looked at the babies in the nursery, we got on the computer and tried to work a bit but that didn't go so well. I watched TV, talked to Rick, watched TV, went to the bathroom, watched TV and so on. I watched a lot of Headline News and unfortunately the big news is the oil spill in the gulf coast. I was interested in the first hour of it but really about after a half hour they didn't have anything new to say about it and were just saying the same thing in a different manner. Horrible tragedy!

sending texts and working on the computer

I was trying to go without getting a epidural as long as I could. I had a fear that it would 1) slow down my labor and 2) that I would be stuck in bed for way too long. I made it to 12:30pm thinking that this was not going to be a problem. Things were feeling alright. But then that's when Dr. Whitten came in and suggested that we see if there was any fluid left in the amniotic sac and that breaking whatever was left would help encourage labor to progress. So we did that and a good amount of fluid did come out of me. This is when the contractions started to get "interesting". Mind you they have always been two minutes apart. Now they are getting really painful. Ugh. For the next four hours I tried every position I could think of to make it feel better. Laying down didn't do it, rocking in the chair didn't do it, sitting up and swaying/dancing/rotating did not do it...saying some bad words didn't even do it. At 4:30pm I got my epidural. I was sure that I had labored quite well and that I would be at least 6cm dilated. Nope, got checked and I was 3cm! Boohoo.

my mother loved to watch the monitors and tell me how hard my contractions were

Fred & Donna come to visit

The next how many hours were uneventful as I laid in bed and watched Headline News and the Travel Channel. Both of our parents came to visit and Rick got to have dinner. Man I was so hungry. All I could have to eat was Jello and chicken broth. Boo. I could have had ten bowls of Jello. I told our new nurse, Kiki, that I was dreaming about food. When did I get to eat? She said as soon as the baby came out I could have something to eat. Now there is some motivation!

Rick spent a lot of the later hours with the Boppy around his neck like an airline pillow

Funny story. With the epidural they give you a button to push to make more of the medicine to come if you are starting to feel some pain. Well I was doing pretty good up until 10:30/11pm. The epidural had set up more completely on the right side than the left. On my left side I could increasingly feel the contractions as they got stronger and stronger and boy they were starting to HURT! Thank goodness for the epidural, I can only imagine what they would have felt like without the drugs. Anyways...I started to really push that button. I only think it made the right side even more numb and that left side continued to feel those contractions. Kiki came in and asked me in a scolding tone, "are you pushing that button?"...I said sheepishly "yes, it really hurts". She said that I need to stop it as we were getting ready to go.

So finally at 11:45pm, Kiki came in and checked me and said that I was ready to start pushing. I had heard by this time that many other women had come in to Labor & Delivery after me and had given birth before me. Dr. Whitten was busy that day. I would be her 9th and final delivery. I pushed for an hour and a half. Rick was on my right side feeding me ice chips and holding my leg for me as I tried and tried to get this BabyGirl out into the world. Everybody kept're so close, you're so close. After awhile I didn't want them to say that anymore! I was beginning to think that she would never come out and couldn't we try this again some other time? It was hard to translate the instructions they were giving me on how to push into actual body movements. It was so hard. The contractions were so intense. I was so surprised when they said her head was finally out. Her hand came out at the side of her head ala Supergirl or Statue of Liberty so her shoulders were easy to push out. Then they had her out. She looked blueish and of course slimy. She had so much hair too! I couldn't believe it. I had done it and she was here! They put her on my chest and I was so overwhelmed - happy, exhausted and a little scared. My BabyGirl was here.

I looked at Rick and said - Samantha. He said alright. I had decided before hand if she came out with any signs of being sassy then she would be a Samantha. Well she came out with that hand by her head and Samantha it was.

As Dr. Whitten stitched me up for an hour (ugh), Rick was able to go take pictures of Samantha and then hold her for a good long time. I could only look from the other side of the room. Because of the way she came out, she caused a lot tearing "down there" both first and third degree.

Finally it was my turn to hold her. As I had figured, she had my nose. She was a little puffy from being born so it was hard to see anything else. She was ours though. Amazing.

They took her to the nursery for some tests and to administer some vitamins etc. I sent Rick down to the cafeteria for some hot food. The hot food bar closed at 3pm and gosh darn it, I was going to have something hot to eat! He got me grilled cheese and fries. They tasted so good.

It was an unbelievable journey with an amazing ending. (grilled cheese! oh and baby too) We have a wonderful family now. Its hard to imagine our lives without her now.


  1. love hearing all the details Becky!! You'll look back at this years to come and love reading it!
    congrats to you and Rick! I wondered why you were facebooking in the hospital :)

  2. What a wonderful story! It is amazing how quickly the details slip away from you. It is wonderful that you have every moment documented forever! Congratulations!