Friday, June 18, 2010

Who does she look like?

Its always a fun game to play - who does Samantha look like? Whenever I look at her I see somebody different reflected in her features, her expressions and in her eyes.

But it is really hard to are some baby pictures from Rick and I for some comparisons.
We both had the dark hair as babies. My mother said that I didn't necessarily come out with all of that hair. Rick's mother said he did have dark hair when he was born. She's definitely got my nose!

What do you think?


  1. I truly think she's a mixture but if I had to pick one I would totally say you.

  2. She looks like her Auntie LeeAnn.

  3. She looks beautiful! I'd say a mix of 75% Becky 25% Rick. :) It's hard to say but I think her face is more proportioned like yours (width between her eyes, distance betweeen mouth and nose etc.). No matter how she looks, may she always bring joy to your heart!

  4. Well to compare baby pictures - she looks more like you, of course someday I'd like to make an in person comparison : )